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DIY Thanksgiving Decorations
DIY projects to make your Thanksgiving celebration more festive

Thanksgiving Day is all about family, friends, food and gratitude. It’s a chance to embrace the spirit of togetherness and appreciate all that you have, and it is also the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity. With artistic decorations and festive decor that you can craft yourself, you can decorate your home for Thanksgiving in a way that will make your family gathering feel all the more memorable.


The bounty of the harvest is all you need to create a stunning centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Day table. Gather colorful leaves, dried branches or greenery to display in your favorite vase or use several containers of different shapes and sizes to line the length of your table. Just make sure the foliage isn’t so tall that it blocks the view of guests sitting across from one another — you’ll want to encourage an open table that inspires conversation.

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins, and their versatile size makes them a great table set piece. Line your table with small natural orange and painted white pumpkins or choose one larger pumpkin to sit at the center. Surround the large pumpkin with fall leaves, acorns or candles for a show-stopping and easy DIY centerpiece. If you have several smaller pumpkins, Good Housekeeping suggests laying them along a faux ivy garland for a harmonious look.

To get everyone involved in the spirit of Thanksgiving, place a decorative bowl, basket or vase in the center of the table. Provide your guests with slips of paper they can use to write down what they’re thankful for this year. Ask them to put their notes into the container and throughout dinner, have guests take turns pulling out a note and reading it aloud to the whole group.

Kids’ crafts

DIY decorations are often more beautiful and meaningful because of their unique imperfections. There may be no art more imperfect yet profound than that of a child, which makes getting your kids involved in decorating for Thanksgiving a rewarding opportunity. Print out paper leaves and supply your younger guests with markers, stickers and crayons for decorating. Encourage them to adorn the leaves with vibrant color, messages of thanks or even just their names. Once they finish their masterpieces, sprinkle them along the table so all your guests can appreciate their handiwork. You can also instruct the kids on how to trace their hands and turn their handprints into turkeys, which can join the leaves on your festive fall table.

Outdoor decor

You’ll want your guests to feel welcome even before you open the door. The best and simplest way to do this is to adorn your front door with a fall-inspired wreath or a message board that boasts a message of thanks. For an eye-catching display, Midwest Living suggests adding pinecones, berries, roses or hydrangeas and ribbon to a store-bought or handmade evergreen wreath.

Country Living suggests transforming an old tray by painting the inside with a coat of chalkboard paint. On the chalkboard paint, you can write a welcoming message directly to your guests. Add a few fall leaves or branches to surround the hanging tray to create a beautiful welcome display.

These DIY Thanksgiving decorations will add to the abundant joy and gratitude of your celebration. Personalize your home for your friends and family and ensure that your turn as host of Thanksgiving dinner goes off without a hitch.

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