February 2020
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February 2020 Customer Offers



Microwave Pressure Cooker
Take the pressure out of cooking for a gathering! Includes 2-qt./2 L max capacity Microwave Pressure Cooker*.
81631 $179





50% OFF!
Tupperware® Essentials Complete 16-Pc. Serving Set
Includes set of four 3-cup/700 mL Bowls, set of four 8"/20 cm Dessert Plates, set of four 18-oz./530 mL Tabletop Tumblers with seals, Soup and Rice Server, Condiment Server and Maxi Salad Bowl.
81635 $263




Tupperware® Essentials Table Set
Includes set of four 3-cup/700 mL  bowls, set of four 8"/20 cm Dessert Plates and set of four  18-oz./530 mL Tabletop Tumblers with seals.
81632 $111





Tupperware® Essentials Soup and Rice Servers
Includes one 7½-cup/1.8 L  soup server with ladle and one 7½-cup/1.8 L rice server with serving spoon.
81633 $78





Vertical Peeler  
Handles well for quick peeling.






Universal Peeler  
Peel soft and hard fruits and veggies with ease. Double-sided blade features a smooth side and a serrated side.





Maxi Salad Bowl and Tupperware® Essentials Condiment Server
Includes 42-cup/10 L bowl  and Condiment Server with  four 1-cup/250 mL bowls in  two sections.
81634 $74






Freezer Mates® PLUS 17-Pc. Set

Includes set of eight 1¾-cup/450 mL Small Shallows, set of four 4¾-cup/1.1 L Small Deeps, two 4¼-cup/1 L Medium Shallows, two 11-cup/2.5 L Medium Deeps and one  9¾-cup/2.25 L Large Shallow.
81636 $290





Soup On The Go Set

Take the comfort of home with you on the go! Our thermal jar keeps contents hot or cold for up to six hours. Includes 16-oz./470 mL Large Stackable Thermal Jar and  one set of On the Go Cutlery.
81637 $63




Three for $25!
Healthy Keeper Set

A place to hold nutritious snacks on the go and a smidget on top for sauces or dips. Includes three.
81639 $42




TWO FOR $15!
CrystalWave® PLUS Soup Mugs
EXCLUSIVE to Tupperware–CrystalWave® PLUS Containers feature PLUS stain guard to help reduce staining from soups and stews. Includes set of two 2-cup/500 mL soup mugs.
81638 $25

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