October 2019
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October Customer Offers


Kitchen Tools Complete Set 
Includes serving spoon, whisk, spatula, ladle,  tongs and masher, plus exclusive holder as a gift with purchase.
81945 $65.00



Kitchen Tools Holder  

Expand your kitchen storage with our exclusive Kitchen Tools Holder. This holder features four sections for ultimate organizing and keeps your tools close.
1523 $25.00






Tupperware Chop Collector

Triangular shape allows collector to fit into any corner, or hang on drawer for easy clean up. 2.5 qt./2.5 L.
1524 $35.00




UltraPro Magic Stack
Includes UltraPro 2-Qt./2 L  Casserole Pan and  3.7-Qt./3.5 L Casserole  Pan with one cover.
$139.50 81946




UltraPro 1.9-Qt/1.8 L Loaf Pan with Cover
Make everything from picture-perfect bread and cake loaves, to savory meat loaves.

$75 81947





Press Master Ricer Accessory Achieve smooth, fluffy mashed potatoes in a fraction of the time. Accessory functions with or without base.
$75 81948


Master System Base
1574 $49.00


Classic Pie Taker
Protects pie freshness. Seal covers even the fluffiest meringue. Tray has textured, nonslip surface. Includes Cariolier® handle. Fits a 9"/23 cm pie.
$44 81949




Stack pies or display desserts. Fits perfectly in Large Classic Round Cake Taker. Fits a 9"/23 cm pie.
1525 $25.00




Large Classic Round Cake Taker
Tall taker keeps cake moist and protects icing. Flip cover to use as canister for cookies. Includes Cariolier® handle. Fits a 10"/25.5 cm cake.  12"/30 cm in diameter.
$59 81950




Cake Servers Double-sided serrated edges for left- or righthanded use. Set of two.
$26 81959



CrystalWave® Large Set

Includes one each 3-qt./3 L and 4-qt./4 L containers. Does not include PLUS stain guard.
$68 81952




CrystalWave® PLUS Medium Set  
Includes two each 4¼-cup/1.1 L, 6¼-cup/1.5 L and 2-qt./2 L Rounds with PLUS stain guard.
$117 81953




CrystalWave® PLUS Small Set
Set of four 2½-cup/600 mL containers with PLUS stain guard.
$60 81954





CrystalWave® 12-Pc. Set Items a–c.
$245 81955





TupperWave® Stack Cooker
Create gourmet candies right in the microwave. Also great for holiday dinners—microwave cook a whole chicken or brown meat. Includes ¾-qt./750 mL casserole/cover, 1¾-qt./1.75 L casserole, 3-qt./3 L casserole, cone, colander and  two seals.
$145 81956



Mini Canister Set
Includes four 2-cup/500 mL containers.
1530 $30.00  
881842 $19.00



Silicone Mini Goodies Form Masterfully mold chocolate treats and more with this non-stick form.
$45 81957




Sift ’N Stor
Simply squeeze the handle with one hand for an even, snowy sprinkle. Includes top and bottom seal for mess-free storage and etched markings for easy measuring.
$32 81958



Deco Pen
Make treats extra special with holiday designs. Not intended for microwave use.
743 $24.00




Cookie Cutters
Includes three double-sided cutters for a total of six shapes, plus storage case.
1527 $19.00




Silicone Baking Sheet with Rim
13.9 x 12.4"/35.3 x 31.5 cm.
481 $45.00





Peanuts Holiday Canister Set*

Just add homemade cookies for a sweet gift. Includes 2-cup/470 mL, 4-cup/940 mL and 6-cup/1.4 L canisters.
1528 $45.00




Peanuts Holiday Cookie Canister*
Have a happy holiday cookie exchange. Holds about 30 regular-sized cookies. 9½ cup/2.25 L.
1529 $30.00




Spaghetti Dispensers
Not just for pasta! Add homemade mixes and a ribbon for the perfect gifts.
$22 81942 Black
81943 Greystone—Exclusive color!
81944 Vineyard—Exclusive color!

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