September 2019
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Contemporary Cozy Serving Collection

Two 7½-cup/1.8 L Medium Servers with spoons, 7½-cup/1.8 L Deep Server with Ladle, Condiment Server with four 1-cup/250 mL bowls, 1-Gal./3.8 L Pitcher, and four each Microwave Reheatable Luncheon Plates and 12-oz./355 mL tumblers with flat seals.
$251 value.
81920 $119.00



1-Gal./3.8 L Pitcher
Serve favorite fall beverages  in this chic pitcher.
$39 value.
81921 $24.00




Deep Server with Ladle
Keeps food warm on the table. 7½ cup/1.8 L.
$41.50 value.
81922 $24.00




Clearly Elegant® Small Bowls
Includes set of two 4¼-cup/990 mL bowls with liquid-tight seals. Handwashing recommended.
$40 value.
81923 $24.00




Only $25

Spooktacular Snack Set*
Includes four 16-oz./470 mL tumblers with flip top seals and four matching 4-oz./120 mL Snack Cups.
$46 value.
81927 $25.00




Día de los Muertos Canister Set*
Celebratory print features colorful catrinas (skeletons) that twist and turn for multiple outfit combinations. Includes three 2-cup/500 mL festive canisters with seals.
1599 $19.00




Peanuts Halloween Snack Set*

Set of four each 16-oz./470 mL tumblers with flip-top seals and 4-oz./120 mL Snack Cups.
$49 value.
81924 $39.00



Seal up sweets
Halloween Canister with Cariolier®

Includes 14-cup/3.4 L bucket, plus a FREE Extra Small Eco Water Bottle—in a surprise color (purple or orange)—as a gift with purchase.
81925 $25.00




Thatsa® Mega Bowls   

Fill with candy or mix  up homemade sweets  and treats. Set of two  42-cup/10 L bowls at  this price.
$70 value.
81926 $45.00



Scoop them out
Ice Cream Scoop

Tapered point slices easily through pumpkin for gut and seed removal.
1267 $35.00




23 Spice them up
Large Spice Shaker Set

Sprinkle spices on seeds. Includes set of four 1-cup/250 mL containers with seals.  
229  $24.00



Get ready to roast
Silicone Baking Sheet with Rim
Spread out seeds evenly on non-stick sheet and roast at 425°F/220°C.  13.9 x 12.4"/35.3 x 31.5 cm.
481 $45.00




Fusion Master®  Spiralizer Accessory

Add fruit spirals to Halloween mocktails—or cocktails—with our newest addition to the Master System. Includes three different blade cones.  Base sold separately.
$75 value.
81928 $49.00

Master System Base
1574 $49.00

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