July 2019
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July Customer Specials!

Lunch-It® Containers

Plan kids’ meals for every day of the week. Includes five containers, each with one 1?-cup/340 mL and two ?-cup/105 mL separated compartments.
$60 value. Save $28!
81734 $32.00




Snack pack special
Snack Cups

Includes ten 4-oz./120 mL containers.
$45 value. Save $21!
81735 $24.00



10 for $19
Tupper® Minis

Includes ten 2-oz./60 mL containers.
$30 value. Save $11!
81736 $19.00




Save over 40%
Forget Me Not® Set

Includes one square container for cheeses and two round containers for fruits and veggies.
$27 value. Save $11!
81740 $18.00



Freshness favorite
Super Crisp-It® Container

Keep a head of lettuce, cabbage or cauliflower crisp. Includes corer, domed seal and spike insert.
$25 value. Save $5!
81739 $20.00



Spread, Slice & Seal Set

Save money by prepping your own crustless sandwiches. Includes Sandwich Spreader, Sandwich Sealer and Fridge Stackables Cutting Board.
$30 value. Save $10!
81738 $20.00



Label Dispenser with Labels

Includes dispenser with roll of 180 labels for freezer, fridge or pantry storage. Each label measures ¾ x 2¼"/1.9 x 5.5 cm.
1518 $20.00




SAVE 40%
Freeze-It® PLUS 14-Pc. Set

Includes three each 2½-cup/600 mL Medium Shallow Rectangulars and 5-cup/1.3 L Medium Rectangulars, and four each 1¼-cup/400 mL Small Square and 3½-cup/800 mL Small Deep Square containers.
$166 value. Save $67
81731 $99.00


Back by popular demand
3-in-1 Canister

Separate snacks, or store  cutlery or art supplies. Includes 6?-cup/1.5 L canister with removable divider, seal and tray.
$30 value. Save $10!
81733 $20.00



FREE Extra Large Container!
KeepTabs® 4-Pc. Set

Includes one each 2-cup/500 mL Small, 5-cup/1.2 L Medium,  10½-cup/2.5 L Large and FREE  19-cup/5 L Extra Large Container.
$47 value. Save $18!
81732 $29.00



BOGO Lunch-It® Large Container
Build your own bento box.  Includes one 2-cup/500 mL compartment and two 1-cup/250 mL compartments, plus seal. Receive two containers at this price.
$38 value. Save $19!
89416 $19.00


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