June 2019
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June 2019 Customer Offers

SAVE 50%
Tupperware® Impressions Krazy 8 Set

Includes eight 2-cup/500 mL Microwave Reheatable Cereal Bowls (remove seal before reheating), eight 16-oz./500 mL Tumblers with seals, two Classic Bowl Sets, each including one 5½-cup/1.2 L, one 10-cup/2.5 L and one 18-cup/4.2 L Impressions Bowls, and two exclusive 32-cup/7.5 L Impressions Bowls.
$298 value. Save $149!
81712 $149.00



Two for $6!
Tupperware® Impressions Serving Spoons

Two serving spoons are better than one. Clip together or use separately. Set of two.
$12 value. Save $6!
81713 $6.00



Exclusive pitcher
Tupperware® Impressions 2-Qt./2 L Pitcher

Make an impression with every pour. Cover easily opens and closes with the press of a thumb to keep water, lemonade or iced tea fresh.
$23 value. Save $4!
81714 $19.00




Customer bring back
Tupperware® Impressions Colanders

Colanders fit perfectly inside 18-cup/4.2 L Impressions bowls. Set of two.  
$30 value. Save $7.50!
81715 $22.50



Meals with a twist
Fusion Master® Spiralizer Complete Set

Prepare oodles of healthier “noodles” using your favorite summer fruits and vegetables. Includes spiralizer attachment with three different blade cones and Master System Base.
1514 $124.00




Get ready for the June 21st release of Toy Story 4 with these special edition items. Buy both sets, and receive an additional 27-oz./800mL Tumbler FREE! Available through June 8—21, 2019.

The perfect companions for snacks, toys and treasures.

  • Includes set of two 27-oz./800 mL tumblers, 6-oz./200 mL snack cups and 6-cup/1.4 L canisters.
  • Tumbler and snack cups snap together for easy on-the-go use.
  • In Fire/White
  • Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty


Save over 30%
Microwave Pasta Maker

Microwave cook your zoodles  in minutes. Also makes up to 1 lb./455 g of cooked pasta.
$36 value. Save $12!
81729 $24.00



Surprise color seal
Modular Mates® Round 3 with Drip-Less Pour Seal

Store and pour homemade dressings for zoodles, or syrups for ice cream. Includes set of two 22-oz./650 mL containers.
$33 value. Save $12!
81730 $21.00




FridgeSmart® 4-Pc. Set

Includes two 1¾-qt./1.8 L Small Deeps, one  1¾-qt./1.8 L Medium and one 1-gal./4.4 L Medium Deep. Limit one set with every $75 spent.
$110 value. Save $61!
881838 $49.00




ONLY $13 Tupperware® Impressions
Mini Bowls

Includes two 2¼-cup/550 mL bowls. Limit one offer when you attend a  party.
$19 value. Save $6!
89415 $13.00

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