June 2020
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FridgeSmart® 10-Pc. Set
Includes two FridgeSmart® 4-Pc. Sets, each with two 1¾-qt./1.8 L Small Deeps, one 1¾-qt./1.8 L Medium and one 1-gal./4.4 L Medium Deep, PLUS two ¾-qt./800 mL FridgeSmart® Smalls.   
81660 $218





FridgeSmart® Large
1½ gal./6.1 L.
81669 $45








FridgeSmart® Extra Large
2½ gal./9.9 L.
81665 $49






Microwave Magic Set
Includes one each 2½-qt./2.2 L Rice Maker, 8-cup/1.9 L Pasta Maker, and 1¾-cup/430 mL Breakfast Maker with two Egg Inserts.
81680 $87





Alfresco Serving 11-Pc. Set
Durable, reusable set beautifully designed for outdoor dining. Includes 83/4-cup/2 L and 17-cup/4 L Aloha Home Bowls, four Microwave Reheatable Luncheon Plates, one 1-gal./3.8 L Pitcher and four 16-oz./470 mL Tumblers with flat seals.
81682 $104





16-oz./470 mL Tumblers
Set of four tumblers with  liquid-tight flat seals.
81701 $16





Jumbo Canister Set
Beverage buddies great for ice, signature mixed drinks or for toting table settings. Includes two 5.2-qt./5 L canisters.
81696 $60

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