September 2019
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September Customer Offers

Pak-N-Carry Set

Includes one each 3¾-cup/900 mL Shallow container, 6¼-cup/1.5 L Deep container and handle, plus the following Basic Bright Containers: three 1-cup/250 mL Mini Rectangulars and six 3-oz./110 mL Mini Squares.
$50 value. Save 15!
81779 $35.00



Terrific for toppings
Basic Bright Mini Squares

Ideal for nuts, cheeses, seeds and more. Set of six 3-oz./110 mL Mini Squares.
1520 $18.00




Safe from sogginess
Basic Bright Mini Rectangulars

Ideal for fruits and veggies. Set of three 1-cup/250 mL Mini Rectangulars.
1521 $12.00



True steam cooking
Tupperware® Smart Multi-Cooker

Space-saving design cooks up to three foods at once. Multi-cook lunch or dinner for now, or prep and pack for later.
$129 value. Save $50!
81780 $79.00


Save it or take it  
Vent ’N Serve®  Small Round

Set Includes 1¾-cup/400 mL,  2½-cup/600 mL and  3¼-cup/800 mL containers.
$45 value. Save $5!
81781 $40.00




Exclusive size
Vent ’N Serve® Large Deep Rectangular

Includes one 3¾-qt./3.5 L Large Deep Rectangular.
$39 value. Save $5!
81782 $34.00



Tupperware®  Smart Multi-Cooker Solution Set

Includes Smart Multi-Cooker, Vent ’N Serve®  Small Round and Vent ’N Serve® Large Deep Rectangular
$213 value. Save $84!
81783 $129.00

Mix-N-Stor® Pitcher

Specially designed cover allows you to pour or store a little or a lot. 2 qt./2 L.
$25 value. Save $7!
81787 $18.00


All-in-One Shakers
Ideal for mixing, serving and storing homemade dressings and marinades. Set of two 12-oz./350 mL shakers.
$24 value. Save $12!
81786 $12.00


Small Silicone Spatula
Narrow head scrapes even the smallest of corners.
$15 value. Save $3!
81785 $12.00


Apple Corer
Quickly and easily remove apple cores with this handy kitchen tool.
$15 value. Save $3!
81784 $12.00

Vertical Peeler
Achieve peeled precision.
1522 $12.00


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