Educational Apps for Big and Small Kids
June 2017
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Educational Apps for Big and Small Kids
A trio of apps to use this summer once school is out and beyond

The school year is coming to a close, which means that it is time for your students to spend much of their days at home. Staying at home, however, does not have to mean removing oneself from education altogether; with these learning apps, your children will not simply continue to use their brains during the summer months, they might even learn to enjoy it. What’s more, these apps can be used by students of all ages, meaning that even adults can find something to love about them.


Arguably the preeminent of the brain-training apps, Lumosity’s effectiveness is supported by the input of scientists researcher and the rave reviews of its more than 70 million users. Lumosity seeks to improve users’ cognitive abilities in five different categories—memory, attention, flexibility, processing speed and problem solving—through more than 50 different games and activities. After completing a certain number of games in different categories each day, users are given an idea of how they rank against other users and how much their abilities have improved since they started using the app. While Lumosity itself is not inherently educational, the benefits it could have on your ability to learn elsewhere certainly make it a habit worth forming. To learn more about Lumosity, visit

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an incredible learning resource for anyone of any age looking to expand their knowledge in a particular subject. If your young student had difficulties with math during the previous school year, Khan Academy offers grade-specific courses catered toward students of any learning level. If your teen is overly anxious about testing well during the upcoming school year, Khan Academy partners with CollegeBoard for comprehensive SAT prep. If you are years removed from university and simply wish to brush up on history, Khan Academy covers everything from the origins of human beings to the presidency of Barack Obama.

Khan Academy offers resources in subjects including economics, coding and computing, and science and engineering. Not only is its content diverse and authoritative, but it is all available absolutely free of charge. To learn more about Khan Academy, visit

Rosetta Stone

Studies show that learning a second language at a young age is beneficial to a growing mind, but there is no such thing as a wrong time to learn a new language. Whether you want to finally learn French so that you too can speak the language of love or dust off the Spanish that you learned in college, the Rosetta Stone app is the way to go. While there are certainly more affordable solutions and alternatives, Rosetta Stone is a proven means to learn more than two dozen different languages, ranging from Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew to Swedish and Swahili. Macworld wrote in July 2016 that Rosetta Stone “is well worth your money” if you want to learn a new language, and its 30-day, no-risk money-back guarantee makes it well worth trying alone. If you want to get the most out of Rosetta Stone, encourage your child to learn alongside you and spend the summer testing one another’s proficiency in an exciting new language. For more information, visit

Learning does not start and stop in the classroom; it is a lifelong process that carries on even after school has let out for summer. Whether you are looking to keep your child motivated outside of school or looking to expand your own understanding of the world around you, the aforementioned apps are great places to start.

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