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Creative Baby Shower Gifts
Baby shower gifts that think outside the diaper box

Baby showers are often about the essentials. Diapers, onesies, bottles and the like are all common gifts appreciated by parents-to-be. If you want to stand out just a bit more, you can put your creativity to work and your shopping skills to use by going in a more unique direction.

Keep the mother-to-be fed

The fact that it’s called a baby shower suggests that most of the focus will fall on the bun, but it’s also important to make sure the oven gets her fair share of recognition. In addition to doing the literal heavy lifting involved in carrying a child for nine months, mothers will have a lot to handle in months of sleepless nights ahead. To ensure that she has all the fuel she’ll need to endure, Molly Flinkman of the blog Mighty Moms Club suggests rounding up a basket of delicious and healthy snacks to carry her through, such as protein-rich granola bars, trail mix and dried fruit. Since it will be difficult to prepare a meal with a newborn, you can also toss in some gift cards for restaurants that deliver or sign them up for a home delivery service like Blue Apron or HelloFresh.

Inspire the love of reading

A great way for parents to forge an everlasting bond with their children is to read to them from an early age. Whether it’s a fairytale told at bedtime or a rollicking adventure shared on a rainy afternoon, storytelling is a timeless method of connection and a great opportunity to teach valuable lessons. By gifting the parents with a wide variety of classic and modern children’s books for all ages, you can become an integral part of fostering that bond and building a love of reading. If you are arranging the baby shower, consider the unique approach of asking guests to forego greeting cards in favor of children’s books. Create a registry or sign-up sheet of common titles and ask that shower attendees check the list to prevent duplicate purchases.

Mark milestones

One of the many musts for new parents is tracking all of a child’s major milestones, from first words and first steps all the way up to the first day of kindergarten and their first date. For those earliest milestones, even if it’s just documenting how much a child has grown, Babble’s Breanne Randall recommends a monthly milestone blanket. Resembling a calendar, parents lay their babies on these blankets and mark their age in days, months and weeks. The result is a comprehensive catalog of a baby’s earliest days, giving parents another piece of ammunition for embarrassing their child the first time they bring a special someone home.

Help with traveling

The convenience of cramming multiple functions into one device cannot be overstated, and the same logic that has turned smartphones into all-in-one devices no doubt inspired Boxum Baby’s innovative diaper bags. Boxum Baby’s three-in-one diaper bags don’t merely hold bottles and diapers. They can also transform into a changing table for getting the dirty work done and a bassinet to keep baby content on the go. These handy bags are available on Amazon and available in three different colorways.

Be the talk of your friend’s baby shower with these unique gifts, and you might even wind up giving yourself some ideas if you and your significant other one day decide to bring a bundle of joy into the world.

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