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Volvo Genuine Brake Pads
Retain Original Volvo Safety & Quality

Brake pads are complex products, critical to braking performance. The demands to meet the sophistication for Volvo Genuine Brake Pads are immense.

Among the requirements the brake system demands is the ability to withstand high temperature differences and extreme weather conditions. The brake pad, developed together with the Volvo disc will deliver a solid brake performance and a minimized occurrence of comfort issues, such as brake noise and vibration.

The function of the pad, within the braking system, is to transfer kinetic energy into heat via friction between the disc and pad material. The front brake pads more often wear faster due to the brake force distribution (front / rear).

The friction material in the brake pads consist of five main components; fiber, filler, binder, abrasive, and lubricant. The exact material combination is adapted to match the vehicle model.

Why Buy Genuine Volvo Brake Pads?

Volvo brake pads are developed to work in perfect harmony with the brake system. The brake parts work in close cooperation with Volvo’s Active Safety systems, such as the Antilock Braking System (ABS), with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), and Electronic Brake Assistance (EBA), as well as the automatic braking systems, such as City Safety, and Pedestrian Detection.



When buying Volvo Genuine brakes, you know they are developed and tested for your Volvo:

·         With the same parts as the car was built, you can rest assured that original safety and quality is retained.

·         Thanks to the exact precision of Volvo Genuine brake pads, you won’t have to work about unnecessary problems such as noise and vibrations due to unbalanced brake pads.

·         Buying Volvo Genuine brake pads is an investment in safety and quality.

With the wrong hardware you cannot trust the software.

·         The braking system is a sophisticated system built up with a lot of software. With the wrong brake parts, you cannot trust the system to work properly.

·         The more technologies in the car, for example City Safety, Pedestrian Detection, and Auto Brake functions, the more important it is to use Volvo Genuine brakes.

·         Never risk brake performance because of non-genuine brake pads in your Volvo!



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