Creative Ways to Exercise Your Dog
April 2017

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Creative Ways to Exercise Your Dog
Keep your canine companion healthy by using these creative exercise activities

Just as we humans need constant exercise in order to stay healthy, so too do our canine companions. Dogs need to partake in constant and consistent activity in order to stay in good shape. Of course, exercising is nothing if not repetitive, and that can ruin the motivation for you and for your dog.

However, you don’t have to stand by and watch as your husky becomes huskier. There are plenty of creative ways for you to exercise your dog while both of you are having fun.

Teach your dog to swim

For many dogs, one of the most enjoyable exercise activities is swimming. WebMD notes that some breeds of dogs are natural swimmers, and require no acclimation to the water. However, even breeds of dogs that are not quite as accustomed to the water can learn to swim.

Introduce your dog to the water in numerous, short intervals to ensure that he is as comfortable as possible. Over time, your dog will get the hang of swimming on his own, going on to master the classic “doggy paddle.”

Walks while wearing skates

A traditional walk is an excellent form of exercise for you and your dog. However, it can become a bit repetitive and boring over time. In order to make your walks a bit more exciting, consider purchasing a pair of in-line skates. If your dog is well-trained and obedient, and if you are far away from any road traffic, then you can allow your canine companion to lead the way, dragging you along while you skate on by.

Play hide and seek

Put your dog’s strong sense of smell to good use by playing hide and seek with her. First, find a good hiding spot. Next, call out to your dog, and wait until your furry friend finds you. When she does, make sure to reward her with a delicious treat.

You can start out with a fairly easy hiding place, making each subsequent hiding location harder to find in order to add a bit of challenge to your game of cat and mouse. Or rather “dog” and mouse!

Blow bubbles around your dog

If you have a dog that loves to chase things and jump up high in the air, then a fun activity for him is blowing bubbles. Now, you won’t want to use traditional soap bubbles, as these could potentially be harmful. Fortunately, many companies produce pet-friendly bubbles, some of which are even flavored. All you need to do is blow the bubbles and watch as your dog jumps up into the air to catch those bubbles in his mouth.

Start a soccer game

Soccer is considered by many to be the most popular sport in the world. As it turns out, soccer isn’t just popular with humans—dogs are pretty big fans of the game as well. notes that breeds like Border collies and Australian shepherds are particularly responsive to soccer matches with their pet owners. You can find the perfect size soccer ball for your four-legged friend online or at your local pet store. Once you have the ball and a field, you and your dog will be shouting “GOAL” in no time.

This collection of exercise activities will have your dog wagging her tail while she is losing excess weight and staying fit.

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