Creative Uses for Your Attic Space
February 2017
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Creative Uses for Your Attic Space
These attic space ideas are fun and innovative

If you have an attic space that is either empty or full of junk, consider these creative uses for your attic space, ranging from a peaceful getaway to an inspiring studio.

Book nook

If you’re a book lover, then a secluded attic space with comfy spots for reading would be perfect. The space doesn’t even have to be large for this to be effective. Simply put a couple comfortable chairs with tons of pillows in the area, include a small bookshelf with a variety of reading options, and you’re ready to read and relax. Take it to the next level by decorating the book nook in the theme of one of your favorite novels or stories. The key is to make it a comfortable living space that will encourage you to spend more time in there and get through that huge book list you’ve been avoiding.

Arts and crafts studio

Those with a knack for creative arts can create their own art studio in an empty attic space. Plastic tubs or drawers work best for organizing art supplies. Be sure to include enough lighting to be able to see what you’re doing up there. If the kids want to join, you can create a fun small area for them to mimic your own space, too.

Music room

If you have a ton of random musical instruments lying around or sitting somewhere in a closet collecting dust, then you could take them up to the attic and make your own music room. Take the guitar and amp up there and set up your own jam session area. If you really plan on making some noise, you may want to install some sound-proof panels to keep the rest of the family happy while you rock out.

Exercise space

Create your own yoga studio and/or gym in that empty attic space. Take a yoga mat, some weights and other exercise equipment up there and set up your own personal fitness center. Put some inspirational posters up, along with a dry erase board for noting personal goals or records. Bring the stereo or portable Bluetooth® speaker for some extra motivation from an awesome playlist.

Meditation zone

Life can get pretty hectic, and having a space to simply relax is the perfect way to end a busy day. If you have an empty attic space, then turning it into a meditation zone could be a very real possibility for you. Items to place in the meditation zone can include candles, lavender or chamomile tea, a comfortable chair with a footrest, blankets, pillows, mood lighting and a music player with soothing songs (instrumental or orchestral pieces). The best part is that you can customize your meditation zone to however you best get into your relaxed mood.

Whether you’re a creative type or you just want an area to get away and simply relax, we’re sure you’ll find a way to spruce up that attic space.

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