DesignworksUSA Creates Seating for Open-Concept Workspaces
December 2016
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DesignworksUSA Creates Seating for Open-Concept Workspaces
New seating solutions transform open-concept workspaces

The BMW Group Company DesignworksUSA recently collaborated with HOK Product Design to create two new Allsteel seating solutions, Reflect and Clubhouse, which are part of the Gather Collection.

They are designed to mitigate the difficulties that open-concept workspaces can create, while taking full advantage of their myriad benefits. These new seating solutions give workers the ability to sit comfortably while maximizing ergonomics and minimizing distractions, whether they are working alone or collaborating with others.

Reflect features a playful asymmetrical design with sides that are enclosed in a tall, upholstered shell. This design is both stylish and practical, creating a cozy atmosphere that minimizes distractions from the outside environment and providing extra privacy by discouraging interruptions from people passing by. Comfort and productivity are equally balanced, with a large armrest that is perfect for working on a laptop or doing paperwork. A swivel base allows the person seated inside to customize their experience to meet the needs of the hour. 

"Depending on orientation Reflect either opens up to its surrounding or shields from it," stated Johannes Lampela, Director of Design at the Designworks Los Angeles studio. "And when two chairs are placed directly across from each other they form a connected space, a sort of a bubble of concentration."

Clubhouse builds upon the idea of privacy that is established in Reflect and expands upon it greatly. It is much more than just a seat; rather, it is a freestanding structure that gives anyone the ability to create a room within a room. This allows workers to sequester themselves away from disruptions or to add a new workspace to an existing area. It can be easily installed or relocated, so an open-concept office space can be reorganized and reinterpreted as needed. Optional features include storage unites, media walls and work surfaces, so that this room-within-a-room always meets the needs of its users.

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