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BMW Motorrad Launches New Motorcycle Rental Service
BMW Motorrad is expanding its horizons with a new Rent a Ride program

Nobody knows what the future of personal vehicles will be. For this reason, many vehicle manufacturers are expanding their portfolios to different methods of providing transportation.

BMW Motorrad is one of these manufacturers. In addition to its diverse core lineup of motorcycles and scooters, BMW Motorrad recently announced the launch of a new program under the title of “Rent a Ride.”

As the name implies, this new service allows customers to rent BMW motorcycles directly from local dealerships. To rent a motorcycle, a customer need only visit the Rent a Ride website and select their desired model, at which point they can check availability in real time. The rider can then finalize the booking, complete with matching accessories and rider equipment, if needed.

From there, the BMW Motorrad dealer prepares the selected motorcycle for pickup. When the rider arrives, the dealer gives them a professional briefing, and then they are free to ride.

The rental service lets riders experience the BMW motorcycles for a longer period than available on a test drive. Henning Putzke, Head of BMW Motorrad Germany, said the program lets potential customers familiarize themselves more intimately with the operation of the brand’s products, for example over the space of a weekend trip.

Unfortunately for BMW riders in the United States, this service is currently only available in the EU countries of Germany, Austria and France. The scope there is somewhat limited as well, though, with only two BMW Motorrad sales partners in each country participating in the program.

However, according to Timo Resch, Head of International Sales and Marketing for BMW Motorrad, the brand is looking to expand the service. The goal, he said, is to expand the program to the entire worldwide BMW Motorrad sales network.

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