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November 2018
 / VOLUME 18 / ISSUE 11
A look back at the 2018 season

credit: Courtesy of Victory Chimes
It’s a sight to behold when the Maine Windjammer Association fleet rafts up during the annual June Gam.


What’s a Gam? It’s a nautical term for a friendly gathering at sea. And that’s what happened when the Maine Windjammer Association and additional windjammer friends gathered on a warm night in June. We toasted with a traditional Navy Grog to the upcoming season, followed by a fabulous jam session by Captains and Crew members from the boats. The rest….well, what happens at the Gam stays at the Gam. You’ll have to come next year to see what we mean!


credit: Courtesy of Victory Chimes
Captains, crews and guests from all of the rafted boats gathered to give a toast to the 2018 sailing season, led by Schooner Stephen Taber Captain, Noah Barnes.


Twice in a week, in July the fleet sailed into Rockland Harbor for the Great Schooner Race and then the Parade of Sail. Held every year the Friday after Independence Day, the Great Schooner Race celebrates an age old tradition of being the first in the harbor to deliver goods. This year, Schooner Heritage took first place honors and the opportunity to fly the “Eat My Wake” flag. Then, one week later, the fleet sailed past crowds of people gathered on the Rockland Breakwater to watch the Parade of Sail, with expert announcing and stories by windjammer legend, Jim Sharp.

credit: Fred LeBlanc
Catching the flukey wind just right, the Schooner Heritage sailed took first place in the 42nd Annual Great Schooner Race.


credit: Richard Ball Photography
Captain Noah Barnes surrenders the “Eat My Wake” flag, won in the 2017 Great Schooner Race, to Captain Doug Lee of the Heritage.


credit: Bob Trapani
The Schooner Ladona passes by the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse during the Parade of Sail.


credit: Bob Trapani
Jim Sharp, joined by his wife, Meg, worked hard from atop the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse to announce the windjammers as they sailed into the harbor.


In late August, the fleet gathered once again for the Camden Windjammer Festival. The Maine Windjammer Association was on hand to raffle off fabulous gift baskets filled with gear from the boats and dinners on board the Maine Windjammer Association fleet. The weekend was packed with windjammers, pirates, lobster crate races and so much more.

credit: Marti Mayne/Maine Windjammer Association
A gorgeous collection of windjammers and rigging in Camden Harbor during the Camden Windjammer Festival.


credit: Maine Windjammer Association
The Maine Windjammer Association gift bag raffle was a new popular addition to the Association’s booth during the Camden Windjammer Festival this year.


Then, just 12 days later, the entire Maine Windjammer Association fleet gathered at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine for the final event of the year. After being postponed for a day due to weather, The 32nd Annual WoodenBoat Sail-In celebrated the tradition of working sail on the waterfront at the headquarters of the WoodenBoat School and WoodenBoat publications. Guests came ashore in yawl boats, the fires were lit, and mussels were served in a delicious marinade. Captains provided entertainment during a windjammer jam. And just like last year, the evening was topped off with a spectacular sunset.


credit: Maine Windjammer Association
With windjammer masts in the background, guests dined on steamed Maine mussels during the WoodenBoat Sail-In.


credit: Fred LeBlanc
All is calm, all is bright as schooner Victory Chimes rests serenely at the WoodenBoat Sail-In.


It’s not too early to start planning for your cruises in conjunction with the events schedule for 2019. Click here for a full schedule of Maine Windjammer Association events for 2019.

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