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August 2018
 / VOLUME 18 / ISSUE 8
Life changing is the term used most often to describe Maine Windjammer Association trips

credit: Maine Windjammer Association
One of those perfect blue sky days on board a Maine Windjammer Association cruise that makes this experience life changing.

Even I, an intrepid sailor and author of this newsletter, felt my life changed by the experience of sailing with the Maine Windjammer Association. In my twenty-plus years of owning a small business, I have never allowed myself to be totally unplugged on any vacation until the Gam windjammer cruise this year when my cell phone signal and I parted ways. For three blissful days, I was unable to access email via my phone or computer and suddenly nothing else mattered but life aboard the schooner. How easily and quickly I fell into the rhythm of the boat and the little microcosm that became our windjammer community. None of us aboard wanted it to end. It was life changing in that it proved that life can go on without email and cell access, and that it’s quite uplifting and wonderful to focus on the wide, beautiful world rather than that small, dark screen.

credit: Photography by Aaron Haynes (@aaronhaynes) via
Elana, Blogger for, climbs a little higher for a perfect view aboard the Stephen Taber.


Blogger Elana Jadallah, from, had this to say after a sail aboard the schooner Stephen Taber:

“If I were to describe our experience on the schooner Stephen Taber in one word, it would be: Life-changing

That might seem like an extreme word choice but in those short three days, my desire to learn to sail grew quickly and shortly. I was dizzy watching the crew hard at work sailing this almost 150 year old vessel out amongst the 2200 something islands in the Penobscot Bay, without a concrete destination in mind. We were at the leisure of the tides and the wind which was exquisite and exhilarating. I am so incredibly thankful to have had this experience. We saw parts of Maine that many haven’t, we played a role in many things that I’ve wanted to do for years, dove into the ocean in secluded coves, ate some of the best food I’ve had and met amazing people. What’s better than that in life?"

credit: The Jet Set TV
Gailen David stands in front of the Heritage telling viewers how much he’s looking forward to sailing along the Maine Coast.


Gailen David, host of The Jet Set shared the impact of time aboard the Heritage to followers on Facebook:

“I’ve been home for a few days but have not stopped thinking about this trip. I’ve been on countless cruises but this sailing on the Schooner Heritage is incomparable. The beauty of Maine, the way of life I experienced on this windjammer ship and the people I met opened up a whole new world to me and has me dreaming of what’s next. I’m planning my next trip back!"

Susan Kohlback enjoying one of Maine’s famous lobsters after her trip aboard Victory Chimes.


Susan Kohlback, editor says in her “Best Unplugged Vacation in America” story in the Huffington Post:

“On our final evening aboard Victory Chimes, as we watch yet another spectacular sunset, there isn’t a passenger on board who wants to leave in the morning. As one, we wish this soothing interlude in our lives could stretch on and on. These are halcyon days we will reach for in our memories when the buzz of life gets too much. We are richer for meeting these dedicated captains and crews who preserve and celebrate the golden age of sail in America, and who share the experience with fortunate vacationers.”

Come aboard a Maine windjammer and see how your life is enriched and changed.

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Come sail aboard a Maine Windjammer with Gailen David, host of

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