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June 2017
 / VOLUME 17 / ISSUE 6
Catch up with Captain Kip

credit: Philip Wood


The Maine Windjammer Association recently caught up with Captain Kip…

Maine Windjammer Association: You had a great year last year!

Captain Kip: We did. We hosted 4 charters, 30 birthdays on board, saw the northern lights 3 times and even hosted a wedding!

MWA: Summer’s finally here. What’s your favorite season in Maine?

Captain Kip: That’s hard to say! I love it all. I enjoy the change of the seasons. I like the long days of spring, the warms days of summer, it’s so beautiful. I like the crisp weather in the fall and the average winds are better. And, I don’t mind the cold of winter. To me, it’s all good.


credit: Ben Magro
With Capt. Kip at the helm, Victory Chimes has sailed tens of thousands of miles, welcomed guests from every state and hosted dozens of weddings over the years.


MWA: If you had one week to sail on a Maine windjammer, what would you pick.

Captain Kip: I would take a week early in the season – the days are so long and I really enjoy that. I love the day light hours. Not the warmest, but that doesn’t bother me, although we have had 90 degrees. And of course, I love sailing so the longer the day, the longer you can stay on the water. And in the evening, when you anchor, there are more hours to enjoy the harbor.

MWA: You have lots of repeat passengers. Why would someone come again and again?

Captain Kip: We do – our record is one person who has sailed on 60 trips! Why? It’s different for every person who does it. For some people, it’s a reunion of sorts. They meet one year and they have so much fun, they come back year after year to see the same people again and again. This is the only time they ever see each other. This is particularly true with families. Some people are adventurous, but they also like safe, relaxing vacations ­– windjamming feels very comfortable but still feels like an adventure. Some people love the sailing, for some it’s the food; some people like to hear my stories. We welcome people from all walks of life. Everybody comes for different reasons. Everyone likes the camaraderie. It’s not one of those huge cruise ships where you spend a lot of time standing in a line. This is just different.


credit: Captain Paul DeGaeta
Capt. Kip has hosted many weddings over the years, including an island wedding that had 8 bridesmaids!


MWA: What about weddings?

Captain Kip: I’ve done many over the years. It’s a real personal decision and it’s usually a second wedding with people who aren’t looking for a huge ceremony. They’re looking for something personal in a relaxed atmosphere. Also, if people charter the boat, you get to spend some real time with your guests, real quality time where you can talk about this big change you’re making and why the people you invited are special to you.

MWA: Do you do anything special for weddings?

Captain Kip: I have a little talk that I put together, but I always talk to the couple beforehand and I always include an ocean metaphor, but it’s really whatever they want. Sometimes I even put on my Merchant Marine Captain’s uniform!

MWA: Anything else?

Captain Kip: There’s so much to windjamming. And so much to see in the state of Maine. So much natural beauty and there’s no better way to see it than from the decks of the Chimes.

For more information about the Victory Chimes and other vessels belonging to the Maine Windjammer Association, visit our Fleet Page.

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