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Bank Customers Happier Using Branch+Digital Than Digital Only

While we know that the past several months have been a challenge, we have remained committed to providing our customers the highest level of customer service, whether in person or online.  While other banks were closing branches and pushing their customers to ATMs and online banking only, we remained open ready to serve our customers.  Because we know that the in-person, personal experience is important!

The ongoing debate over the future of brick and mortar branches in an increasingly digital world just got even more complex.  Data from J.D. Power & Associates shows that consumers that conduct their banking only using online or mobile banking are actually the least satisfied of all those surveyed.  The most satisfied are those who use a combination of branches and digital channels.  A good in-person experience carries a lot of weight, even among Millenials!

Other findings that underscore that digital and branch capabilities are still very much married:

#1 - The percentage of consumers banking digitally continues to rise - yet nearly three quarters continue to also use branches.

#2 - The biggest banks have a higher percentage of digital only customers, yet they fall short in measures of in-person customer experience, where smaller to mid-size banks have an advantage.

The researcher's data shows that small to mid-size banks strongly outperform big banks on all branch-related satisfaction factors, including courtesy, knowledge and range of services.  And that small to mid-size banks do not lag behind the larger banks in online and mobile banking capabilities.

We certainly hope that you feel that Meadows Bank provides you with immediate personalized attention that goes beyond your expectations.  And that we treat you as a partner with aligned values, not just a customer.  We would like to hear about your branch experiences!  You can send a quick note to our Marketing Director, Jennifer Hall at  Thanks.

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