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Electronic Banking Security Measures

We wanted to take a minute to highlight the security measures we utilize with our electronic banking products in order to protect you, our customers, from compromise.


Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is an integral part of the Meadows Bank identity and access management process. MFA is a security mechanism in which individuals are authenticated through more than one validation procedure before being allowed to access a system or program.  Meadows Bank utilizes multiple combinations of verification techniques within our various electronic products to ensure your accounts are protected. While these methods may vary by system or product, their purpose remains the same: to protect you and your assets by adding additional layers of security to your online or mobile banking experience.


There are three recognized types of authentication factors:

TYPE 1- Something You Know -  This includes passwords, pin numbers and security phrases, or security questions and answers that you retain and can recall and input upon request.

TYPE 2  - Something You Have – Items in this category are strictly physical objects such as your smart phone or tablet or PC. The system can identify patterns of access on these devices which become flagged as “trusted”.

Type 3 -  Something You Are – Included in this group are parts of the human body that can be used for verification, such as your finger print, facial recognition, retina scans, iris scans and other forms of Bio-Metric identification.


When attempting to access your account information with Meadows Bank, or when utilizing our electronic banking products, you will automatically be processed through MFA. In the event that the system deems anything to be out of the ordinary for your personal pattern of behavior, such as logging in from a new device, or attempting to access the system while out of town in a location you aren’t typically known to be in, our system will add an additional verification requirement to confirm your identity, such as prompting you to answer security questions, or inputting an SMS code from the phone number we have on file, before granting access.    

If we are unable to confirm your identity via MFA, out of an abundance of caution and in the interest of protecting your financial information, your account will automatically be locked and no further access can occur until you contact the bank directly.  Upon speaking with a bank representative, additional security questions may be asked in order to positively confirm your identity. Afterwards we will unlock your profile and you can proceed with your online or mobile banking activity. 

If at any time, you feel your information may have been compromised, please contact us right away by calling 702-471-2265. This will ensure that steps are taken immediately to protect your accounts and identity from any further fraud.

To report lost or stolen debit/ATM cards call 702-471-2265 during normal business hours and 888-297-3416 after business hours or on holidays.


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