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.BANK - What does it mean for you?

With the number of businesses registering for and creating an online presence, the .COM space has, like many large metropolitan cities, become overcrowded in recent years.  In the midst of this congestion, banks have found it difficult to differentiate themselves from other businesses online.

Thus, in 2015, the new .BANK domain was launched.  This new domain opened up much needed real estate on the internet for banks and allowed for certain advantages including security, marketing and branding.


The .BANK domain has a higher level of required security than any other domain and must follow security standards developed by banking industry experts. In addition to stringent registration requirements, the .BANK domain helps to improve the cybersecurity posture of participating banks.  For instance, it reduces the chances of online users from being redirected to fake bank websites, makes it more difficult for fraudsters to phish and spoof emails from a .BANK domain and requires strong encryption. These and other features boost customer confidence in banks using .BANK in a time when cybersecurity threats, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), are on a steady increase.

All .BANK domains are required to meet rigorous security technologies and practices, and only verified members of the banking industry can register a .BANK domain.  Thus you can be assured that a financial institution that uses .BANK has a trusted, verified and more secure location for your online banking services.


Meadows Bank considers cybersecurity and the protection of our client’s confidential information to be paramount.  Thus, in 2015, at the sunrise of the .BANK domain, we registered our official website with the more secure domain  Therefore, visitors to our home page gain the benefits mentioned above.  In the future, we will convert our email addresses to .BANK as more email services recognize this extension.  Until then, we continue using as our email address domain.

Taking on the arduous task to acquire and maintain this Top Level Domain is just another way for us to invest in the protection of your privacy.  Meadows Bank is here for you.

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