December 2017

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Lexus and Marvel Collaborate to Create Vehicle Designs Inspired by “Black Panther”
The latest Lexus concepts evoke the awesome might of King T’Challa of Wakanda

“Black Panther,” the upcoming addition to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe is quickly becoming one of the most-anticipated films of 2018. Black Panther is one of the coolest-looking and fiercest characters in the Marvel Universe. Therefore, he needs a vehicle that is just as cool and fierce. That’s precisely why Marvel has teamed up with Lexus to develop vehicles based upon the legendary king of Wakanda.

Drawing inspiration

One vehicle that matches the style and performance of a fierce warrior like Black Panther is the 2018 Lexus LC Inspiration Series. The LC Inspiration is the first installment in the Lexus Inspiration Series lineup, set to highlight a dynamic exterior and a refined interior. Features like a Structural Blue paint job and 21-inch forged alloy wheels demonstrate why the Lexus LC Inspiration is a perfect vehicle for drivers like King T’Challa—Black Panther’s true identity. Only 100 of these models will be released in the United States, so the LC Inspiration will undoubtedly be highly sought after.

Vibranium-inspired vehicles

The second vehicle is far more conceptual than the Lexus LC Inspiration. In fact, the design incorporates the fictional metal of vibranium into the design. “This is what it’s all about,” said Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s senior vice president of global partnerships and marketing. “We’re bringing our two worlds together by letting our imaginations run wild like there are no limits to what’s possible.”

The Black Panther Inspired LC is exactly what it sounds like; Black Panther’s signature mask is featured right on the hood. Vibranium, the key export of Wakanda and the substance that Black Panther’s suit is comprised of, is featured throughout the model, from its paint treatment to its powertrain. Of course, since vibranium unfortunately doesn’t actually exist in our world, enthusiasts will simply have to admire the vehicle from afar.

From the pavement to the panel

No comic book collaboration would be complete without incorporating the comics themselves into the equation. That is why Marvel is partnering with Lexus to produce the “Black Panther: Soul of a Machine” graphic novel. “Black Panther: Soul of a Machine” follows the eponymous superhero as he attempts to stop the villainous Machinesmith from infiltrating his kingdom of Wakanda. Along the way, King T’Challa will rely upon vehicles like the Lexus LC 500 to aid him in his task.

The first four chapters of the story have already been released, with remaining chapters set to be released by the end of the year. Therefore, you can enjoy this exciting Black Panther story before the film appears in theaters in February.

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