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October 2015
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Let's Trade Keys

You may be able to...

  • Trade your vehicle and have your existing loan paid off.
  • Put little or no money down.
  • Lower your monthly payments.�
  • With approved credit, your interest rate could be as low as 0.0%.�

Why keep driving the car you've got, when you could drive the one you really want with the same, or even lower, monthly payments? Appraise your vehicle today!

Subject to appraised value of current vehicle. With approved credit. Expires 10/31/2015. 1) Negative equity, if any, may be added to the purchase price of new contract. 2) Not all customers will qualify.

Now on DriveLiveTV: 2016 Volvo XC90 - Focus on Interior

Easily attainable, but packed with the highest design expression, the Volvo XC90 has an interior so handsome and luxurious that you�ll probably consider moving in.

Vehicle Profile: 2016 Volvo XC60
Capable, comfortable and confident

Volvo�s award-winning XC60 offers a full spectrum of luxury, convenience and cutting-edge technology features while continuing its leadership of safety. The XC60 was the world�s first vehicle with standard City Safety and the first in its segment to offer Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake.

Volvo Cars Among the First to Support New US Car Safety Requirements
Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking standard on all vehicles within five years

Volvo Cars is proud to have made the consumer-conscious commitment to voluntarily make Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking standard on all of its vehicles within five years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently put a regulation in place in which all cars must come with those standard safety features within the next five years.

5 Foods You Didn�t Know Contained So Much Sugar
Stay away from these five surprisingly sugar-laden foods

It�s no secret that the amount of sugar you consume affects your overall weight and belly size, but why exactly is that? Men�s Fitness Magazine reports that people who eat too much sugar usually take in more calories than they are able to exercise away�and it�s not just the obvious suspects such as soda and chocolate that cause people to pack on the pounds. There are many foods that people eat every day that contain more sugar than expected.

5 Comic Book Superheroes That Should Make It to the Big Screen Next
What should be the next comic book movie?

Comic book films have gone from a quaint little source of summer entertainment to a billion-dollar machine that has dominated cinemas and box office records for much of the past five years. Industry giants Marvel and DC have shown no sign of letting up: between now and 2020, there are no fewer than 30 different superhero films in the works, including sequels for mega-franchises like �Guardians of the Galaxy� and �Avengers� and first-time forays for characters including Black Panther and Captain Marvel.


Is it almost time to turn in your lease? Are you prepared for the next step?

At Kundert Volvo, we make it easy for you to explore all the options you have available to you. Whether you want to lease a newer model, own a different model, purchase your current vehicle, or simply turn your current lease in, we are here to help!

Click HERE for details!

Family Festivities for the Fall Season in the Tri-State Area
Fall events that provide fun for the whole family

There�s nothing like fall in the tri-state region�from the magic of the colored leaves to the crisp chill in the air. That�s why this month, festivals and fall events are popping up all over the area. Perfect for people of all ages, the events below are sure to please all kinds of families, whether you�re looking for a spooky Halloween get-together or just a casual outdoor festival. Mark your calendars for one of these fun events this October:

Car Care: Brakes
Make sure you�re getting all the stopping power you need

How are your brakes? When were they last serviced or checked? Will they be able to deliver a full-power panic stop? If you haven�t asked yourself these questions lately, they might flash through your head the next time you have to stomp on the brake pedal in an emergency. That�s not the best time to be worried about the performance or maintenance of such a vital system.

Clear the Air
Breathe Easy with Volvo�s Cabin Air Filter

The air quality inside your Volvo can be affected by all the pollutants and irritants in the air. Filtering out dust, pollen and pollution is a top priority for ensuring a comfortable and healthy ride.


Do I Need Winter Tires?
Winter vs. All-Season

Most Volvos leave the factory with all-season tires. While all-season tires are intended to provide traction in a wide variety of weather conditions, they don�t offer the best traction when driving in slush, snow or ice.


Volvo Cars of North America Becomes Title Sponsor for Family Circle Cup
World�s Largest Women�s Tennis Tournament Becomes The Volvo Cars Open

Volvo Cars of North America is now the title sponsor of the celebrated Family Circle Cup, the world�s largest tennis tournament for women. Volvo and the Meredith Corporation recently announced the partnership, an affiliation that concurs with Volvo Cars� first American plant to be built in Berkeley County, South Carolina.

Stay on Course in 2016: Update Your Volvo Navigation System Map

As holiday travel nears, be sure to update your Volvo navigation system map. A map update optimizes your system�s routing, keeping you on course and on time.


How to Make Bath Beads
Make bath time more relaxing with your own bath beads

Relaxing in a tub of warm, soothing water can improve even the most unpleasant days. One way to make your experience in the bathtub even more relaxing is to add a handful of bath beads to your tub as you run the water. Whether you want to improve your relaxation experience in the bathtub or create a thoughtful gift for someone you know who works hard every day, consider making these cost-effective bath beads.

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