October 2018
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360c Autonomous Concept from Volvo Cars to Transform Travel
Volvo Cars redefines travel with new 360c autonomous concept

Getting from point A to point B will no longer be a stress-inducing endeavor, unproductive activity or intangible investment for many people if the new 360c autonomous concept conceived by Volvo Cars takes to the road.

The concept reveals a world where a car acts as a mobile office space, allowing you to literally hand over complete driving controls while you catch up on work. It provides a safe, connected, self-driving and electric personal mode of transportation designed to revolutionize daily travel and how city driving functions. There is no wasted time whether your commute is 10 minutes or over an hour.

“The 360c explores what becomes possible when we remove the human driver, using new freedoms in design and recapturing time — it’s a glimpse at how autonomous drive technology will change the world as we know it. The possibilities are mind-boggling,” said Marten Levenstam, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Volvo Cars.

In addition to freeing you from driving stressors and unproductive stretches of time, the 360c concept respects the Earth thanks to its electric powertrain and helps to decrease traffic in cities. According to Levenstam, the 360c concept will also help people feel less restrained by city addresses.

“People becoming less reliant on proximity to cities is just one example of the impact of removing the burden of unproductive travel time,” Levenstam added. “The 360c driving office makes it viable for people to live at greater distances from crowded cities and use their time both in a more pleasant and more effective way.”

If catching up on work is less important to you than catching up on sleep, you’ll be able to get the rest you need in the 360c concept, according to Volvo Cars, which proposes a few attractive roles for the autonomous vehicle. What about relaxing in your mobile living room or catching up with friends and family in your entertaining space on wheels? It’s all possible with the 360c concept. For longer journeys or road trips, you’ll find a private sanctuary free from traditional travel annoyances such as long lines, cramped quarters and stressful security protocols akin to airline transport.

According to Levenstam, the Volvo 360c autonomous concept is just a jumping off point to reinvent the way people move about from place to place, how society interacts with travel and how cities are structured. The conversation has started, and Levenstam is eager to see how this radical idea can impact the world.

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