December 2017
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“Embrace the Future” With the Volvo XC60
Volvo’s experimental narrative reaches beyond the stars for final installment

Volvo has been stretching the limits of conventional and expected advertising by producing three films, a trilogy, that challenge the depths of emotion, distance and space while showcasing its brand of luxury vehicles.

The final chapter, “Embrace the Future,” reflects the personal journey of an astronaut, her husband and the mindset of accepting the unknown; the piece was heavily informed by the knowledge and experience of Catherine “Cady” Coleman, a NASA veteran.

According to Writer Patrick Coffee who interviewed Matt O’Rourke, executive creative director of the spot, the collaboration between Coleman and Marisa Milisic, copywriter, is most apparent during the astronaut’s monologue in the film. In it, the astronaut examines the limitless of her potential and instructs listeners that “There are two types of people in the world—those who fear the future and those who embrace it. The future is for the unafraid.”

The “nonlinear” storytelling of “Embrace the Future” was cultivated by the advertising agency Grey New York.

The out-of-this-world film marks the end to Volvo’s two-year investment in producing narratives that celebrate Volvo in an unprecedented way, according to Coffee. The first film, “Wedding,” explored the emotional anguish a father of the bride experiences as he tries to find the right words for his daughter’s wedding. The second film, “Song of the Open Road,” is a poetic celebration of life, love and freedom. “Embrace the Future” speeds by at 24,000 miles per hour, showing how vast the universe is and how technology has the ability to connect us even at unfathomable distances.

Coffee reports that Coleman predicts the essence of this film trilogy, the nonlinear narrative, is complete with “Embrace the Future.” Yet, just as “Embrace the Future” is about limitless possibilities, it’s highly probable that Volvo will continue to innovate and inform as well as entertain with its ad campaigns.

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