Car Care: Winter Tires
November 2016
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Car Care: Winter Tires
The right rubber for the season

Would you try to walk a few miles in the rain wearing just flip flops? How about loafers in the snow? Those are examples of using the wrong equipment for the conditions. If you don't want to walk to work this winter, it's time to make sure your car has the right footwear.

Even in regions that don't see significant snowfall or freezing temperatures, road conditions can turn from clear and dry to dark and treacherous in the span of just an hour - even less in some cases. Nobody wants the stress of getting caught unprepared, and it can put you and your loved ones in danger. What kind of shape are your tires in? If your car has all-season tires, it's important that those tires have enough tread depth and proper wear. Get a few years and tens of thousands of miles on your tires, and they may not have what it takes to grip when you need it most. Your dealer's service department knows what to look for and will be able to suggest the best course of action.

In other parts of the country, many drivers opt for a full set of winter tires. Winter tires can make all the difference in regions where temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. That's the approximate temperature below which the rubber in regular tires begins to get stiff and lose its ability to grip the road surface. Winter tires are made from special rubber formulations designed to provide maximum traction in even the worst conditions. They stay flexible in colder temperatures for better grip, and the tread design cuts through snow, instead of clogging up and letting you down.

When you consider the difficulty, expense and potential danger of an accident, a set of winter tires seems like an easy choice. Many dealerships make it simple, too. They know exactly what will fit your car and how to install it right. Your dealer can easily change over your tires and wheels for you, and many offer seasonal specials.

This winter, make sure you can stop, steer, and get moving. Get the right equipment for the job. If you live where temps dip below 45 degrees, winter tires are the right equipment for maximum performance. Even if you don't live where it freezes or snows, make sure your tires are ready for whatever you might encounter. They are, after all, the only thing connecting you to the road.

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