3 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Children
November 2016
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3 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Children
Celebrate Thanksgiving with these great hands-on crafts

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for families to come together and remember what they are grateful for. It is also the prime opportunity to sit down and spend some time with your children. As your family gathers this year, encourage your children's creative side with a variety of fun Thanksgiving crafts. No matter what you want to celebrate this holiday, there is a fun craft for you and your children to enjoy.

Toilet paper pumpkins

One of the most difficult rooms to decorate for Thanksgiving in a house is the bathroom. This craft is the perfect, child-friendly craft to do just that. Create pumpkins out of extra toilet paper to add a holiday touch to your guest bathroom. Simply choose a piece of fall-colored, pre-cut fabric. Place it with the print side facing down and then center a roll of toilet paper on it. Fold the fabric up over the sides of the toilet paper roll, stuffing the fabric into the top of the roll as you go.

When the toilet roll is completely covered with fabric, choose a leaf from outside and glue it to an old wine cork. Then, place the wine cork in the center of the roll. This craft not only hides extra toilet paper from view in a simple way, but Better Homes and Gardens magazine's BHG.com states that it is easy to disassemble after the holidays, too.

Classic hand turkey

There is no Thanksgiving Day craft more iconic than the hand turkey. This simple, yet fun craft has been a tradition in schools for decades. To create a hand turkey, have your child place his or her hand on a piece of construction paper. Then, trace the child's hand with a crayon. After this is done, have the child draw a beak, legs, and a wattle, which is the red piece of flesh that hangs from a turkey's neck. Next, let the child color the turkey however he or she pleases, whether it is with fall-like colors or those of a rainbow. Finally, cut out the turkeys. These hand turkeys are the perfect craft to hang up on the refrigerator or around the house to decorate for the holiday.

Recycled Mayflower ship

For those parents that want to go green this Thanksgiving, building a Mayflower ship model out of recycled material is the perfect craft for you. Keep your old to-go paper coffee cup and the coffee cup sleeve the next time you make a coffee run. Also, pick up some of the wooden stirrers frequently used in coffee houses. These are the prime materials needed for this Mayflower model. Begin by cutting off the bottom of the clean coffee cup. Parenting.com then suggests cutting about an inch and a half away from the bottom of the cup. Then, use the tip of your scissors to cut two slits at the center edge of the cup. Place the cut cup bottom side up into the center of a cup holder and set it aside.

To build the sails of the Mayflower, cut four paper rectangles. One pair should be about 2 inches wide, while the other should be about an inch and a half wide. Cut two tiny slits at the center of each sail at the top and the bottom, and then push the coffee stirrers through the sales. Add a paper flag to the top of each mast and push the stirrers into the slits in the cup. Once this is done, you have a cute model Mayflower ship that uses recycled materials.

Show your children how grateful you are for them this Thanksgiving by creating one of these crafts with them. These crafts will not only help decorate your home for the Thanksgiving holiday, but it is also a great way to keep the children busy as you prepare for the holiday meal.

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