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April 2015
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Ideas for Indoor Kid�s Birthday Parties
Top venues to have your child�s party

It’s that time of year again - your child’s birthday is fast approaching and you’re not sure where to host it. Since April is one of the rainiest months of the year, a safe bet would be to hold the party somewhere indoors. But what can you do inside that will still be a blast for your kid and their guests?
Take into account your child’s interests. For example, if they love science, call up the nearest science learning center. Or, if they love to read, perhaps your local library will be willing to host the celebration. If your child likes pretty much everything, then check over this list for some of the best indoor spaces that will provide a truly memorable birthday for your youngster:
Rock climbing - All the fun of the great outdoors, but held inside. Most large cities have rock climbing gyms, which allow energetic kiddies to climb walls as well as varying structures under professional supervision and guidance. Most gyms will offer party packages, which includes instructions and gear to keep kids entertained for hours. The perfect interactive party for kids of all ages.
Bowling - Here’s an idea where the good times will definitely be rolling. Parents will love how easy it is to host a bowling birthday bash, and the kids will love all that comes with it. Most bowling alleys provide not only the lanes, bowling balls, pins and shoes, but also usually food, drinks, cakes, games, personal hosts, and even invitations and goody bags. One caution: It’s best to book a bowling alley that doesn’t have an adult bar and is non-smoking.
Gymboree - Typically for the younger children (ages 1 through 5), Gymboree parties from the Play & Music professionals, usually consist of a choice of theme (they vary by location) — anything from Super Heroes to Princesses, Sports, Ocean Adventure, Farmyard Fun and more. In the party package is a professional teacher as well as party supplies like plates, cups, napkins, etc., invitations, a gift for the birthday person and goody bags. The kids all have a blast and the parent has to do nary a thing!
Ice skating - Sure, winter is over, but that doesn’t mean your child and his or her friends can’t still practice their figure eights on the ice. The kiddies will love skating around on their own private rink, and then enjoying food and cake afterwards. Also, sometimes with enough party goers, the rink will offer a discounted price on ice skate rentals. What you get varies from party package to party package, so be sure to peruse the ice skating rinks in your area to find the best deal. Before planning this party, you may want to take a poll and see how many of your child’s friends already know how to skate. Also, you may need to think about the age group of the party, too. This type of activity may cater more toward an older group of kids.
Dance studio - Many dance studios offer private children’s birthdays, where they include your own personal dance instructor to lead kid-friendly activities. While you’ll likely have to supply your own food and cake, the dance studio should have a designated area where attendees can enjoy it all.
Your home - If you have the space (and patience) for it, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a birthday party at your own house.
“At home, you can fine-tune everything exactly the way you’d imagined it would look from what the dessert table will look like to the color scheme — options that you probably won’t have at a venue,” says Kate Landers, a children’s event planner and stylist. “I like at-home parties because memories are built there; it’s special and personal; memories that you’ll all have forever.” 
Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing party. With these great ideas, your child will be thanking you for the whole year.
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