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Natural Sugar Alternatives
6 healthy alternatives to traditional sweeteners

You likely won’t disagree that sugar makes many things taste better, but unfortunately traditional sugar has no health benefits. Containing no vitamins or minerals and actually harming your body’s metabolism and hormones, sugar is a dangerously overused sweetener.

Luckily, there are sugar substitutes that are healthier but still tasty. For the following alternatives, be careful to purchase products that are organic and, if possible, USDA certified, to enjoy optimum flavor and nutritional value.


This flower nectar has been recognized for its taste and its health benefits for eons. Not only a tasty sweetener that blends well in everything from drinks to desserts, honey has potent personal benefits when consumed in moderation.

As reported by CNN, a University of Illinois study discovered that honey from clover flowers — the most common type of honey — possesses impressive amounts of antioxidants, while honey from some flowers, like buckwheat blossoms, can pack even more.


Also suggested as a healthy alternative to sugar by Healthline, stevia is derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant of South America. Studies have shown that stevia has few adverse side effects and has a positive influence on blood sugar and blood pressure. Lacking in carbs and calories, it’s available in different forms to easily integrate into your diet.

Date sugar

Did you know that dates can be turned into granulated or liquid sweetener? Possessing a brown color and caramel-like flavor, this unrefined sugar has surprising nutritional elements, particularly B vitamins and potassium, according to One Green Planet. This sweetener doesn’t rely on additives, though its texture makes it a better substitute for brown sugar than basic granulated sugar.

Maple syrup

Pure organic maple syrup — not maple-flavored syrup — includes many minerals and vitamins, according to One Green Planet. Natural maple sap possesses amounts of calcium, magnesium, riboflavin and more. Although real maple syrup can be pricey, only small amounts of it are needed to make a big flavor impact.


Although its name may sound like an artificial chemical synthesized in a lab, xylitol is actually a sugar alcohol extracted naturally found in and extracted from the fibers of many vegetables, fruits and hardwoods.

According to Healthline, xylitol doesn’t contain the harmful fructose found in normal sugar and even has been shown to improve dental health and bolster calcium absorption.

Blackstrap molasses

This sticky syrup derived from sugar cane is a byproduct of the refining process and is a concentrated form of the uncrystallized minerals. According to CNN, it has high potassium, magnesium and especially antioxidant levels. Its potent taste and smell does limit the range of its use, but when used in the right recipes, it can knock sugar out of the ring.

Depending on what you’re cooking, baking or drinking, these sugar substitutes can easily replace basic table sugar that’s harmful and addictive. Start a healthy lifestyle by switching to a better sweetener; just remember that any sweetener should be used in moderation.

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