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Benefits of Mentorship
An often untapped resource for realizing your full potential

January is National Mentoring Month, encouraging people to connect with a friend, family member or colleague who can help you become the best person you can be. Discover a few of the benefits that mentoring can bring to your professional life.

Share your knowledge

Per Michael Cheary, contributor to Reed.co.uk, mentoring enables you to impart your wealth of knowledge and experience onto someone else. This can be particularly helpful to new employees on your team. Not only will taking a newbie under your wing prove beneficial for the recipient, but it will also solidify your own expertise on whatever tasks, procedures or projects that you are instructing them on.

Glean encouragement and guidance

As Miranda Morley with Smallbusiness.chron.com states, finding a mentor can be helpful to maintaining your confidence and morale on the job. It can be crucial, especially if you’re starting a new business. A mentor with a successful business in the same niche as your startup will have invaluable insights about how they got started, challenges you can expect and how to overcome roadblocks along the way.

They will also be a great resource to have down the road if you need advice about a new business policy or product idea you’ve been mulling over.

Advance your career

Mentoring others also looks great on your resume, especially if you are working toward advancing up the corporate ladder to a senior management or supervisor role, as Michael Cheary with Reed.co.uk recommends.

Whether your workplace already has a mentoring program in place, or you take the initiative to mentor new coworkers yourself, this practice shows a commitment to your team and company. This, in turn, will give you an advantage when your managers are considering advancing current employees into more prominent roles. 

Excel in academia

Besides working professionals, students are another key group that can benefit from mentoring relationships. Brendan L. Smith, contributor to American Psychological Association, says that academic mentors can help boost your performance in higher education, particularly in rigorous grad school programs. Those who seek out peers and/or teachers for mentors tend to have a keener sense of purpose in their field and demonstrate a more active involvement in professional organizations.

Expand your network

According to Miranda Morley, contributor to Smallbusiness.chron.com, networking is one of the key perks of mentoring. By partnering with someone more experienced in your workplace, you will open yourself up to the resources and personal contacts that your mentor is familiar with. This can be useful whether you’re searching for a new job, starting a new career path or simply need to connect with a professional in another field.

Get a fresh perspective

Per Michael Cheary with Reed.co.uk, mentoring newer employees can help you to see your role and your company in a new way. Whether you’ve been in your role for five or 10 years, this is definitely a healthy benefit that any long-standing employee can appreciate. Not only will it infuse you with a positive sense of morale, but it can expand your appreciation for the useful services that your team provides that you might have lost sight of in the daily grind.

“No man is an island unto himself,” as the adage goes. Set yourself up for success in your career by cultivating mentor relationships to enhance your professional growth while giving back to others.

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