Ford to Implement Graphene in F-150, Mustang Components
December 2018

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Ford to Implement Graphene in F-150, Mustang Components
Ultra-strong material will improve sound deadening and resistance to heat

Graphene, a material used in cell phones and sporting goods, will find its way into Ford vehicle parts beginning in late 2018. Ford announced on National Nanotechnology Day that the nanomaterial, which is 200 times stronger than steel, will be used in the manufacturing of 10 under-hood components for the Ford F-150 and Mustang.

Ford will team with Eagle Industries and XG Sciences to implement graphene into parts like fuel rail covers, pump covers and front engine covers. The material is one of the must conductive in the world and provides a strong barrier against sound. Tests show that the use of graphene with foam constituents will reduce noise by 17 percent while improving heat endurance by 30 percent, when compared to regular foam parts.

“We are excited about the performance benefits our products are able to provide to Ford and Eagle Industries,” said Philip Rose, XG Sciences’ chief executive officer. “Working with early adopters such as Ford Motor Company demonstrates the potential for graphene in multiple applications, and we look forward to extending our collaboration into other materials, and enabling further performance improvements.”

Graphene was initially isolated in 2004, and the experiment that led to its discovery resulted in a Nobel Prize in 2010. Ford has been working with suppliers to learn about the material’s effects since 2014.

Ford expects to put the graphene-infused parts into production by the end of the year. While the F-150 and Mustang will be the first recipients, more Ford vehicles are expected to follow.

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