Ford Driving Program Helps Female Drivers in Saudi Arabia
April 2018

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Ford Driving Program Helps Female Drivers in Saudi Arabia
Ford’s driving program helps female drivers in Saudi Arabia gain knowledge, confidence

Last year, the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia was lifted at long last. To help female drivers take control behind the wheel, the Ford Motor Company partnered with Effat University to present a special four-day version of its unique driving program, Ford Driving Skills for Life, tailored to help women learn the crucial skills necessary to stay safe behind the wheel.

“Ford Motor Company was built on the belief that freedom of movement drives human progress, so we are honored to have the opportunity to support women in the Kingdom during such an extraordinary time, and to welcome them to the driver’s seat,” said Jim Vella, President, Ford Motor Company Fund. “Our Driving Skills for Life for Her program provides access to training and experiences that will help women feel safe and confident as they get behind the wheel.”

Ford presented “Driving Skills for Life for Her” over four days from March 5-8 at Effat University’s Jeddah campus. Approximately 250 students took the course, designed to disseminate four components of automotive instruction: distracted driving, braking controls, vehicle 101 and driving while impaired. Phase two of the program is expected to be conducted later this year.

“Effat University is well known for its innovative education, driving women forward to take their rightful places in society and the workforce. We are proud to be able to partner with Ford to ensure that our students are also prepared to become responsible, safe drivers,” said Dr. Haifa Jamalallail, President of Effat University. “We believe in driving change, but driving safely, and this is exactly what the Safe Driving Skills for Life program is all about.”

Over its 15-year history, drivers in approximately 40 countries have participated in Ford’s Driving Skills for Life program, which features hands-on, ride-and-drive instruction from professional driving teachers available for free to new drivers. Over that same period, Ford has invested more than $40 million to aid in the expansion and implementation of the program in global markets. Approximately 3,600 drivers have undergone training provided by Ford’s Driving Skills for Life since it debuted in the Middle East in 2013.

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