Ford Christens New Community Center
December 2017

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Ford Christens New Community Center
Ford elaborates on its legacy of generosity with a new community hub in Detroit

The Ford Motor Company Fund recently opened a new Ford Resource and Engagement Center in east Detroit to cultivate education, business development and job training opportunities in that region.

Considering that Ford and the Ford Motor Company Fund invest over $20 million annually to bring education, job training, safe driving and cultural enrichment programs to the Detroit area, it comes as no surprise that this dynamic duo has unveiled its latest offering in the form of the new center.

Jim Vella, president of Ford Motor Company Fund, articulated the corporation’s excitement about this endeavor. “We want to harness the untapped potential in our schools and neighborhoods to help more people gain access to the benefits of a stronger, more prosperous Detroit.”

Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Detroit Public Schools, expressed gratitude on behalf of the community for Ford’s generosity. “The decision made by Ford Fund to create the Ford Resource and Engagement Center in a traditional public school reflects the reality that there are few, if any, stronger investments to ensure impact, scale and sustainability within a neighborhood or community. This multifaceted investment will benefit multiple community members and more profoundly, generations.”

The new center is based on the successful model of the first Ford Resource and Engagement Center that the company established in southwest Detroit, at Mexicantown Mercado. The Mexicantown Mercado location has supplied over 85,000 local residents with food, educational assistance, job support, legal assistance and tax prep, as well as other vital services.

The new venue in eastern Detroit promises to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor center in Mexicantown Mercado, equipping next-generation Detroit residents with the resources they need to thrive, achieve personal goals and (as a side bonus) boost the region’s economy.

As more automakers turn inward to focus on corporate goals such as producing completely-automated vehicles or releasing the most efficient electric car in the industry, Ford exemplifies the importance of having a perpetually outward-focused perspective.

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