Total Channel Communications

Start with vendor content, finish with higher sales.

Your channel partners are looking for the kind of support that will have a direct effect on their bottom line. IMN Total Channel Communications™ is altering the entire vendor/channel dynamic, having a dramatic effect on revenue generation and improving the relationship between vendors, solution providers and the clients they sell to.

  • 40 percent increases in a single year
  • Over $500,000 in new pipeline in 3 months
  • $500,000 in new sales in six months

Total Channel Communications (TCC) is the first global, e-marketing platform that enables vendors and their partners to generate higher revenues by automating marketing functions that help book meetings, build pipelines and generate sales.

What it is

TCC includes an e-newsletter that marries strong vendor content with a partner’s brand and optional partner content.  The communication is automatically generated and distributed to the partner’s database and is geared to create prospect interest in setting up a meeting or requesting a demo. The e-newsletter, combined with TCC’s call targeting and analytics features, make your partners more effective and productive – all while strengthening your corporate brand.

Key Benefits

  • Meeting requests sent to their in-box
    When a prospects clicks on the ‘Set up a Meeting’ or ‘Schedule a Demo’ button in the e-newsletter, an instant lead is sent directly to the partner’s inbox notifying them of the meeting or demo request
  • Warm lead reports sent out in 24 hours
    A full list of customers and prospects who opened the e-newsletter and read articles is sent to the partner within 24 hours of the e-newsletter send
  • Consistency in brand and messaging
    You control your branding and messaging as communications are sent to partners’ customers and prospects


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Total Channel Communications

"TCC has been an unbelievable success for our partners. They get good content, an efficient process and hot leads handed to them a day after each issue lands. The ROI is unsurpassed. You can see why partners are hopping on the IMN bandwagon."

Jennifer Walsh
Channel Marketing Manager
SAP America, Inc.


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