Net Connect

IMN Net Connect™ is an e-communications platform that lets network marketing organizations drive significant increases in average sales volume per distributor by growing their downline and building stronger customer relationships.

With IMN Net Connect network marketers can help their distributors build and cement the personal relationships they establish during sales calls, resulting in measurable increases in sales volume both online and offline and the number of distributors recruited into the business. IMN Net Connect includes e-newsletter, call targeting and analytics solutions that make your distributors more effective and productive all while strengthening the corporate brand.

IMN Net Connect lets you:

  • Effortlessly maintain regular contact and top-of-mind awareness with customers
  • Build and strengthen relationships between the customer and the distributor and between the customer and your brand
  • Control branding, messaging and offers as communications are sent throughout the network
  • Energize your communications with video and audio content
  • Tap the power of social media sharing to expand your reach
  • Improve sales results, customer acquisition and recruiting efforts by enabling distributors to target their follow-up efforts based on real-time feedback about customers' interests
  • Provide distributors with on-the-go management of their customers, via mobile access to Warm Call™ reports for "anytime, anywhere" updates on the most promising opportunities and simple one-touch follow-up via mobile phone or email
  • Educate distributors on new products, promotions, incentives and more
  • Receive instant market data through readership analytics for better insight into your entire network
  • Realize strong return on investment (ROI) with a solution that pays for itself
  • Retain distributors by enabling their success




IMN Net Connect