IMN Loyalty Driver

Welcome to IMN Loyalty Driver™: The Fully-Managed e-Newsletter Service Designed to Generate Revenue for Your Dealership

Loyalty Driver is the efficient, cost-effective way to impact your dealership’s bottom-line.

At IMN, we deliver a professional, fully-managed e-newsletter that is branded for your dealership and packed full of interesting articles and timely promotions.  The result?  You drive revenue in sales, service and parts.  Take a closer look at Loyalty Driver and the benefits that make it essential for your dealership:

  • Promote your dealership brand with informative automotive articles, vehicle profiles and buying and service tips
  • Engage customers with informative and interesting lifestyle articles
  • Quickly get emailed leads for test drives and service appointments
  • Build loyalty with current customers and engage prospects
  • Increase organic search engine optimization
  • Save time with IMN’s fully-managed e-newsletter service
  • Get real time detailed analytics and reporting

Best of all, you get all this in as little as an hour a month!  The message is clear: partner with IMN and Loyalty Driver now to increase your bottom-line.  Contact us today!

Our unique shopper website traffic increases an average of 248 percent on the day our newsletter is delivered. There are only so many ways to ask a customer to buy a car. If you want to stay in front of them and not always feel like you're making a sales pitch, IMN's e-newsletter is a perfect way to do it.

Joshua Fichter
Director of Operations
Sam Pack's Five Star Ford.

Loyalty Driver