Financial Services

Now there is a simple, cost-effective way to educate and engage with your participants and intermediaries… to increase financial responsibility, build relationships, and uncover opportunities

Today marketers at top financial service firms are using proven e-communication solutions from IMN to build financial responsibility, relationships, and business by educating their customers and intermediaries. Now you too can publish and deliver engaging, informative, and targeted email communications—efficiently and without programming.

Unlike generic email marketing systems that “send and forget” and don’t take your distribution channels or regulatory requirements into account, IMN solutions meet the needs of financial services firms in two important ways…

First, multi-tier communication flows enable effective collaboration with intermediaries—producers, distributors, and agents

Second, communications include not just emails but also companion micro-sites and archives that dramatically simplify regulatory compliance.

The bottom line?  A single, efficient solution for delivering the complete range of targeted, measurable, and compliant e-communications programs to meet your goals.

Proven e-communications solutions from IMN help you:

  • Educate intermediaries and customers—not only about your products, but also about industry trends, best practices, and elements of financial responsibility.
  • Consistently engage the attention of your key audiences to build relationships, foster responsible investing, and uncover business opportunities
  • Ensure that your communications comply with regulatory requirements without extra effort.
  • Improve the productivity of all who drive business for you: sales staff, financial advisors, planners, consultants, brokers, plan sponsors, and agents
  • Communicate on any schedule. Monthly, quarterly, alerts, and “drip” marketing—the possibilities are endless.
  • Keep control of your message and your brand while giving intermediaries valuable tools to engage with customers
  • Focus your staff on doing what they do best – writing and collecting engaging content for your customers and intermediaries
  • Maximize the value of every piece of content you create
  • Measure and improve your e-communications programs as you learn how recipients respond to your content.



    CitiStreet effectively uses iMakenews for Financial Services to ‘drip’ deliver information to their intermediaries and continuously tailor their content based on reporting and analytics



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