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Effective Communications for Building Customer Loyalty and Sales

Every organization wants to maintain close relationships with customers and prospects, but too often they go about it the wrong way. They send highly promotional messages rather than ones that appeal to readers. They send them too frequently or not often enough. While they track what recipients are opening and reading within their communications, they often lack the tools to translate the data into actionable results.

IMN has a solution that addresses all of these problems, a solution that not only builds closer relationships between vendors and customers, but also identifies key selling opportunities and hot prospects by providing visibility into how they interact with the communications and by soliciting calls to action within context and at the right place and time. This empowers B2C and B2B marketers to build loyalty, retain customers, strengthen brands, and drive hard-ROI results through e-newsletters, e-mail, microsites and blogs. 

The secret? Our patent-pending, multi-tier e-communications platform, which includes a content management system that makes it easy to automatically flow content and create custom communications based on profiles of both newsletter publishers and readers.

What’s more, every communication is more than just an email – it is a fully integrated and interactive combination of email and microsite.  This architecture allows marketers to layer content and effectively create a campaign within a single communication by leading the reader from great editorial content designed to retain and engage, to soft-sell product- or service-oriented content designed to detect purchase intent, and all the way through to strong calls to action such as test drive, free trial and meeting requests that lead to hard ROI results.

Rich media-ready, IMN’s unique multi-tier content management system and e-communications architecture make it easy to create effective communications with customized, highly readable and relevant content.   The results are low opt-out rates, low prospecting costs, high customer retention, a more successful e-communications strategy and a better bottom line.

In addition to iMakeNews, our e-communications platform for marketing communications, we focus on industry-by-industry solutions such as: Loyalty Driver lifestyle e-newsletters for auto dealerships, Party Pulse designed specifically for direct selling companies using a party plan selling model, Net Connect for network marketing organizations using a one-to-one selling model, Bank Adviser & Member Adviser for banks and credit unions, Complete for franchise and multi-unit organizations, and Total Channel Communications for technology vendors that sell through channels.