Net Connect

How It Works

IMN Net Connect is the only e-communications platform designed specifically to help network marketers maximize the effectiveness of their distributors by empowering them to sell more products, acquire more customers and build their downline – for a dramatic impact on sales revenue.

IMN Net Connect includes three e-communications components:

  1. Regularly scheduled email
    • Sent to customers
    • Sent to distributors and leaders
  2. Call targeting reports for distributors
  3. Analytics for corporate

1. Regularly scheduled email

Sent to customers
Regularly scheduled e-newsletters are sent to the entire database of customers. Through dynamic personalization, each e-newsletter appears to the customer as if it was sent by his or her local distributor.

E-newsletters might contain content such as:

  • Product highlights (including videos)
  • Special promotions
  • Business opportunity

Social media sharing enables recipients to virtually expand your network reach via social media sites.

Creating each email to customers is easy and requires no design experience or HTML programming. Prior to each e-newsletter send, you upload the e-newsletter content into the IMN wizard-driven interface. Content is automatically flowed into a pre-defined layout template where it can then be previewed and sent.

Sent to distributors and leaders
Each month you can send an e-newsletter to all of your distributors and leaders. The editorial framework for these e-newsletters is flexible, but content might include:

  • Company news
  • New product announcements
  • Promotions, specials and other incentives
  • Recognition
  • Best selling techniques

The distributor e-newsletter is a perfect way for you to stay in touch with your distributors and keep them educated and motivated.

2. Call targeting reports for distributors
After each e-newsletter is sent to customers, Warm Call™ reports are automatically generated and sent to each distributor. The reports indicate what content was clicked on by each newsletter recipient. These insights into customer preferences enable distributors to target their follow-up calls to those who may be most receptive to purchasing product or might entertain a call about the business opportunity.

Warm Call reports can be accessed via mobile devices and make it easy for distributors to spring into action. Customer names, phone numbers and email addresses are provided along with the details of their interests, so it is easy for the distributor to make a phone call or send an email for fast, relevant follow-up.

3. Analytics for network marketing companies
You can log in at any time and run reports with IMN's flexible reporting and analytics service. These reports can help you monitor delivery and readership statistics, determine trends in product popularity and understand what topics, promotions and products create strong sales, customer acquisition and recruiting results.

IMN Net Connect