IMN Loyalty Driver

Loyalty Driver: The Simple Program with Big Results

IMN Loyalty Driver is the only fully-managed e-newsletter service designed specifically to help you, the auto dealer, turn leads into sales and sales into lifelong customers.  Here’s how it works:

We create your e-newsletter for you

Every month we will send you an e-newsletter packed with professionally written vehicle information and lifestyle content.  Each month, you access, review and customize your e-newsletter using the Loyalty Driver Portal.

Within the Loyalty Driver Portal, there are tools to help you add your own dealership articles and coupons, if you choose to, as well as engaging features. Tools and features include:

  • Real Coupons
  • Show Your Phone mobile coupons
  • Concierge Content
  • Drive Live TV™ vehicle videos

We make it easy for you to get leads

We liberally seed your e-newsletter with strategically placed Buy Signal™ links. These links are embedded in your e-newsletter so your recipients can go directly to relevant pages on your website.  We’ll also create contact forms so customers can email you directly.

We distribute your e-newsletter to your contact list

When we complete the layout of your e-newsletter, we send it to you for approval.  Once approved, we take care of sending your custom-branded e-newsletter to your customer and prospect list. We’ll manage your list by adding new subscribers with every issue and filtering out email addresses that are no longer valid.

We help you hone your marketing and increase leads with our analytic tools

Once your e-newsletter is sent, we focus our technology on tracking and reporting results.  You have 24-hour access to numerous invaluable reports including:

  • Delivery Statistics
  • Response Rates
  • Article Reports

Generate revenue, build customer loyalty and increase traffic to your lot with one simple service: the fully-managed IMN Loyalty Driver.  Contact us today!

“Since Internet marketing focuses on leveraging sales by driving customers and prospects to our web site to begin the sales cycle we've seen as much as a 33% increase in our monthly unique visitors to our web site originating from our e-newsletter program. And that translates into additional sales.”

Jay Gubala
E-Commerce General Manager
The Herb Chambers Companies



Loyalty Driver