IMN Loyalty Driver

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often will my Loyalty Driver e-newsletter be published? 

Once a month

2.  Can I provide my own content?

Yes, you can provide your own articles, your own Letter from the Dealer and your own photos and coupons.  

3.  Do I have to provide all the content?

You can provide all, some or none, in which case you can choose from industry and lifestyle content provided by our partners.

4.  Can I brand the template with my own graphics and logo?

Yes, it can be completely customized to reflect your dealership’s brand

5.  Where does IMN’s content for Loyalty Driver come from?

Some of the articles are original, others are drawn from automotive and lifestyle magazines

6.  Does the dealership have to have any particular kind of technology or Internet set up? 

No, your Loyalty Driver e-newsletter will be created and hosted by IMN’s developers.  No special technology or resources are required.  

7.  Does IMN provide Loyalty Driver dealership customers with training?

Our e-newsletters are very intuitive to use and the analytics are easy to interpret.  However, we’re happy to provide you with any kind of support you might need.

8.  Who sends out the e-newsletter?

We do.  We create it, send it out and track it for you. 

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