Financial Services

How it Works

IMN solutions meet the unique needs of financial services marketers who require powerful e-communication capabilities—but are not technical experts or email marketing gurus. With IMN solutions—based on the proven iMakeNews platform—you have all the power you need at your fingertips, so you can meet requirements today…and adapt when your challenges expand.

Implement the communication workflow that’s right for you

Do you need to communicate directly with your customers? With intermediaries only?  Will you communicate with customers on behalf of your intermediaries, allowing them to add content or invite interaction? Or will you leave intermediaries in the driver’s seat, drawing on a library of content you provide? IMN can support any of theses scenarios, with single-tier and multi-tier communications solutions that work the way you need to work.

Send compliant communications without extra work

When you create and send communications using IMN solutions, you are not just sending emails—you’re automatically building companion micro-sites and web archives that store your content—and make regulatory compliance a snap.

Tailor and personalize content for diverse audience segments

With such a wide range of audiences for financial products, marketers often create tailored content for each segment. IMN manages this process for you, automatically flowing content into newsletters based on profiles of newsletter publishers and readers, so you can easily assign and deliver targeted content to each of your audiences—and also personalize emails for each recipient.



    CitiStreet effectively uses iMakenews for Financial Services to ‘drip’ deliver information to their intermediaries and continuously tailor their content based on reporting and analytics.