Financial Services


IMN solutions for financial services provide a rich mix of features that help you create and refine powerful e-communications programs—to encourage responsible investing, build relationships, and uncover business opportunities.

When you work with IMN, you have a solution that:

  • Goes beyond email to provide a comprehensive, robust e-marketing solution that includes companion micro-sites and direct response.  Deliver text-only or HTML emails, incorporate multimedia, layer your content, draw recipients into your web site, and prompt immediate action – for  example, “set up a meeting with my financial advisor”
  • Supports the range of communication workflows preferred by financial service providers. IMN can support 1) provider communicating directly with customers, 2) provider communicating with intermediaries only, 3) provider and intermediaries communicating with customer—with intermediaries adding content to provider newsletter, 4) intermediaries communicating with customers and drawing on provider content library.
  • Tailors and personalizes content for diverse audience segments. IMN automatically flows content into newsletters based on profiles of newsletter publishers and readers, so you can assign and deliver targeted content to each of your key audiences—and personalize emails for each recipient.
  • Archives your communications for audit and compliance. Each IMN e-communication automatically becomes part of your web-based archive, creating an audit trail to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Empowers non-technical marketers to implement enterprise-strength e-communications programs. IMN’s hosted, subscription-based solution provides a straightforward, web-based interface that requires minimal training so you can get started quickly. No HTML coding, programming, or software installation is required.
  • Tracks recipient behavior to help you measure and improve your programs. Micro-sites enable comprehensive tracking, analytics, and reporting. When you know what recipients are reading and where they are spending their time, you can provide content that more effectively engages recipient interest, drives desired behavior, and helps meet your goals.
  • Delivers results. IMN is the expert in best practices for retention e-marketing. Our solutions—based on proven e-marketing approaches and the proven iMakeNews platform—are delivering results today for Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries including financial services.



    CitiStreet effectively uses iMakenews for Financial Services to ‘drip’ deliver information to their intermediaries and continuously tailor their content based on reporting and analytics.