IMN | Complete

IMN | Complete is a marketing program which is made up of a combination of direct mail and online solutions. IMN will work with you to determine the best combination for your chain restaurant or key retail organization's online and off-line marketing needs.

Read below to find out about the different solutions which make up IMN | Complete.

IMN | Direct

Most direct mail that is done today is not targeted and results in lost marketing dollars. IMN works with you to identify the most targeted list of prospective customers in your area. Demographics that IMN can target include: age, income, homeownership, presence of children, and more.

IMN works with your chain restaurant or key retail organization to develop attractive offers and sleek direct mail pieces that are targeted to the household. We use the direct mail piece as a vehicle for email collection, thus turning a prospect into a lifelong customer.

What’s more, our detailed analytics allow you to find out who is redeeming your offers and which segments of your audience are most receptive to specific offers, all while helping you to calculate your marketing ROI.

IMN | Email

IMN | Email is a combination of a regular recurring online publication and multiple promotional emails. Our content-driven approach to email marketing helps to cut through the email inbox clutter and allows your brand to stand out. IMN provides relevant content and combines it with content from your multi-unit organization. This mix results in regular readership among your customers and prospects.

Content examples include:

    • Special offers
    • Lifestyle content
    • Corporate content
    • Local news

IMN | Email also includes a full suite of tracking and analytics. After a communication is sent, you have access to invaluable reports including delivery statistics, response rates, and article reports. This information helps you to see which offers are working, which content is most popular – all important in helping you develop your marketing plans.

IMN | eZee Connect

Many organizations have a need to promote at the local store level or to facilitate a regional message. eZee Connect provides a manageable solution to local store marketing.

eZee Connect addresses the pain points that chain restaurants and key retail organizations feel at all levels when it comes to maximizing marketing dollars. This is a combination of a regular, recurring e-newsletter and timely, promotional email messages. All are high-impact communications that deliver the right content coupled with the right control and capabilities.

Each eZee Connect e-newsletter delivers content proven to foster long-lasting customer relationships. The magazine-style, professionally-written content cuts through consumer email clutter, resulting in greater readership and increased website traffic. By combining timely promotions, coupons, and lively video presentations, the content-driven format leads to customer loyalty and life-long customers.

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