Bank Adviser & Member Adviser

Now, there is a simple, cost-effective way to educate and engage your bank customers or credit union members while growing your institution’s relationships using Bank Adviser or Member Adviser, IMN’s powerful e-communication solutions. IMN makes it easy to create, send, and track a highly professional, monthly e-newsletter and companion microsite without time or effort from your institution’s staff.

Marketers at financial institutions are using proven e-communication solutions from IMN to educate consumers on financial products and services, positioning themselves as their customers' or members' primary financial institution. With Bank Adviser & Member Adviser, your financial institution can deliver the same appealing, informative, and targeted email communications as larger players in the industry—efficiently and without having to dedicate resources to create your own content.

Unlike traditional email marketing systems, IMN publishes unique consumer lifestyle content combined with information on financial services to create consumer awareness and demand for your institution’s products and services.  Bank Adviser & Member Adviser delivers everything you need to generate a comprehensive marketing communication that effectively reaches your customers or members.

IMN’s Bank Adviser & Member Adviser will help you:

  • Educate customers or members using relevant content—not only about your products, but also about lifestyle trends and areas of financial responsibility.
  • Consistently capture the attention of your customers or members and ensure your institution identifies opportunities when they are ready to connect.
  • Reach the younger, Gen-Y demographic segment through the use of an enticing and “green” electronic communications vehicle.
  • Deploy a mobile marketing communications channel without any additional effort or technology investment.
  • Allow your content to go viral across a variety of social networks.
  • Keep control of your message and your brand while giving your institution valuable tools to attract and retain customers or members.
  • Focus your staff on doing what they do best – working with customers or members while IMN publishes engaging content.
  • Measure and improve your e-communication programs as you learn how recipients respond to your content.

Tap into the full power of closed-loop marketing communications with a monthly e-newsletter that leverages your existing brand. Bank Adviser & Member Adviser provide everything needed without increasing the demand on your institution’s resources.

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Bank Adviser & Member Adviser