IMN | Complete

IMN | Complete™ is an innovative, online and offline marketing program developed specifically for multi-unit organizations. This cost-effective marketing program not only focuses on new customer acquisition, but it also retains and engages customers – all while driving ongoing sales.

IMN | Complete is a combination of new customer acquisition direct mail and retention building email. We work with you to promote special offers to targeted prospects through direct mail. We also market to your current customers through email.

IMN works with you to grow your consumer database to increase your reach through in-store points of purchase, online, direct mail – maximizing your presence at all customer touchpoints.

The multichannel approach allows you to reach your customers and prospects through email, direct mail, on their mobile devices, and their social networks.

IMN | Complete provides you with:

  • Low cost, high ROI marketing solutions for your multi-unit business
  • Branded content that keeps the concept top of mind with customers
  • The ability to customize content to drive local sales
  • Rich content that strikes a balance between hard sell and soft sell
  • Back-end analytics to help you track and refine campaigns
  • E-newsletter delivery through multiple channels – direct mail, email, mobile, or social media

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IMN | Complete