December 2018
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Fitness Classes to Try in the New Year
Energizing exercise forms to add to your workout repertoire

Getting into shape, or staying in shape, is a common goal to set for the new year. But sometimes going for a run or hitting the gym becomes tedious and a bit boring. If you’re on the hunt for a more engaging exercise class that you can stick with, the following five options should fit the bill.


There’s a reason trampolining is a trending fitness class today. Per Livestrong, it burns more calories than jogging — 210 calories per 30 minutes of rebounding, compared to 105 calories per a 1-mile run at 4 mph. Just one high-intensity session of trampolining can burn off 700 calories or more, as Elle contributor Katie O’Malley relates. Many people find it a more fun alternative cardio exercise than running. It’s also low-impact, which reduces tension on your joints. Besides increasing your heart rate, this exercise also builds balance and strength.

Yoga wheel

If you’ve dabbled in a couple of yoga classes but haven’t found the right style yet, you might want to give yoga wheel classes a try. Like the name implies, yoga wheel incorporates the use of a cylindrical prop to boost flexibility and enhance stretches. It assists in advanced yoga postures while opening up the front side of the body, including your shoulders, chest, hip flexors and abdomen. Per The Journey Junkie, you can also use the wheel for a full-spine massage that’s safe and effective.

VR spinning

Take conventional spinning to the next level with this modern twist. This exercise fuses stationery bike cycling with virtual reality (VR) to “trick you into working out,” according VirZOOM co-founder Eric Janszen. Fly over picturesque landscapes on a winged horse, pursue bad guys on horseback, or embark on some other visual adventure as you cycle your way into better health. If you have a passion for video games and want to make workouts a bit more enjoyable, give VR spinning a whirl.


Described as the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the high-energy experience of playing the drums, POUND® isn’t for the faint of heart. This unique exercise is a fully body cardio which blends yoga, plyometrics, isometrics and Pilates. Each 45-minute session incorporates 15,000 reps, 30 interval peaks and 70 techniques. You’ll also burn 900 or more calories per hour while strengthening your core and increasing coordination, endurance and musicality.

Animal Flow®

This exercise is a mashup of yoga, gymnastics and breakdancing inspired by animal movements. It enhances coordination and timing while increasing fluidity and strength. There are six main components of Animal Flow®, per the website: flow, switches, activations, wrist mobilizations, traveling forms and form-specific stretches. Traveling forms are exercises that imitate the movements of certain animals, like crabs and apes. Form-specific stretches like scorpion reach or beast reach are full body stretches that start in a static animal form then add a motion to it. If you’re looking for an unconventional, dynamic activity, this one should suit.   

Stay active when you try one or more of these diverse workouts this year. You might find yourself enjoying habitual exercise once again.

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