October 2018
Glenn E. Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Signal Hill, California
Glenn E. Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Vehicle Details: 2018 Dodge Demon Design
Every detail adds up in this ferocious machine

The 2018 Dodge Demon has one and only one goal in mind: to be the fastest thing out there. To that end, everything about the car was engineered for maximum performance, down to the last design detail.

Wheel flares

The 2018 Dodge Demon is instantly differentiated from its high-performance Dodge SRT cousins by its 47 mm-wide wheel flares. These are not just stick-on flares; they are made of unique sheet metal and bolted in 22 different places for the best possible fit. Crucially, they not only give the car a more muscular and aggressive look, they also provide additional space for the wider Nitto NT05R™ drag radial tires, which would otherwise illegally stick out past the edge of the body panels. Because of the wheel flares, the Demon also boasts unique amber lenses, which had to be redesigned to angle up onto the surface of the front flares.

Air grabber hood

The Air-Grabber™ hood scoop is hard to miss. The supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI® SRT Demon V8 engine beneath it needs to swallow a lot of air to produce its full 840 horsepower and 770 pound-feet of torque. Dodge’s answer was to equip the car with the largest air intake offered on any factory production car in America, which boasts an opening of 45 square inches.

The entire structure of the hood had to be redesigned to handle the increased forces generated by the scoop. Though the car is electronically limited to 168 mph because of the tires, the hood (and wheel flares) are able to go beyond 200 mph, which the Demon handles with ease once you swap off the drag radials.

Front runner drag wheels

Another eye-catching element unique to the 2018 Dodge Demon is the skinny front runner drag wheels. Because they don’t fill out the wheel flares, they can look a little out of place, and you might wonder why Dodge didn’t use front runner wheels that extend further out toward the flared opening. However, you have to remember that the Demon’s goal is to maximize performance in every way. To that extent, a wheel with a bigger offset would have been heavier. What’s more, the closer to the chassis, the less the wheels generate drag at high speeds.

The Dodge Demon’s design is good for more than just alliteration. Every detail is made with performance in mind, and every detail adds up to that record-breaking production quarter-mile.

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