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  • ACHIEVE November Sales and Share Program Objectives - 146,000 and 13.2%
  • Launch Year End Sales Event by Kicking Off Black Friday $1,000 Retail Bonus Cash
  • Leverage Key November Tactical C&I Programs
    • Q4 Truck Mailer to 1.8M customers with potential Private Offer of $750 Stackable (Work the Manuscripts)
    • Extension of Special Dealer Cash Program on 16MY Mustang ($5,000) and 16MY Focus ($3,750)
  • Maintain Strong FCTP Momentum Capitalizing on the New Q4 Enhancements
    • Added Out-of-Service Dealer Cash Option in lieu of New Retail/Lease Incentives
    • In-service FCTP vehicles can now be rented to the general public

Please click HERE to view the latest contest standings for the 2016 Top 100 Volume Dealer Challenge through November 14, 2016*.
  • As we move through the balance of Q4, please keep all participating dealers informed of their rankings, and this great opportunity to celebrate with a group of fellow peers & Ford executives in Sea Island, Georgia!
  • *As a reminder, only the Top 500 Ford dealerships in 2015 were provided the unique opportunity to participate in this contest, so please only communicate to those specific dealers.

.STOCK LIST (In stock, In trans, & In Plant)
. NEW! SYNC CONNECT & Starbucks Incentive -
For every SYNC Connect vehicle sold and the modem is activated, the Sales Consultant will receive a $5 Starbucks eGift card. 

SYNC Connect & Starbucks Incentive Update

The SYNC Connect & Starbuck incentive launched on October 1st and since then we've seen a spike in the number of SYNC Connect activations! A lot of vehicles have been activated, but we haven't received email addresses for all of the Sales Consultants to send their Starbucks eGift card.  Please continue to encourage your Sales Consultants to enter their email address at

Use YouTube To Drive Sales
2017 Super Duty Job Aids Answer Tough Customer Questions 

Pay For the Performance You Expect

  • Senior Digital Trainer Andy Warner shares Internet Sales Manager and BDC structures and pay plans used by top-performing dealerships. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO NOW.
Trailer Reverse Guidance Helps Take the Stress Out of Towing

Sales & C&I
Weekly Express News - November 11, 2016 Edition

National Close Rate Target = 2%
. Please ensure every dealer is actively working their prospect list.

⇒ Dealer Detail:  Q4 Truck Campaign - Sales Match Report

⇒ The ConsumerConnection dealer enrollment report is also available on "Get It"
2016 Ford Conquest - Private Offer Program
OFFER: $1,250 private cash offer Ford or Lincoln (offer eligibility to $750 on Focus/Fiesta); VINCENT #35782;  Offer valid 10/27 - 12/31
STRATEGIC APPROACH:  Leverage VIANT partnership with Experian to identify self-reported competitive conquest owners and target them on-line with a Private Offer message, that will link to a submission form to receive the Private Offer Certificate

AUDIENCES: 782,474
* This is not a Top Priority Campaign, NO ConsumerConnection Manuscript *

Product & Brand
  • For the '16 CY:  Businesses can write-off up to $500,000 (up from $25,000 in 15CY) worth of one or more new Ford Trucks or Cargo Vans over 6,000 lbs. GVWR on 2016 IRS tax return.
  • This incentive was created by the U.S. government to encourage  small/medium businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves.  This incentive includes Ford Trucks, Vans & Wagons;
  • Vehicles must be used for business purposes more than 50% of the time
The 2017 CEM enrollment period ends tomorrow! We are at 81% of prior year enrollments with 82 current CEM Stores left to be re-enrolled.
  • Congratulations to Seattle, Kansas City, and the Select Region for achieving 100% re-enrollment!
  • Please work with your CES and facing CEM Coaches to make the final calls and close strong today and tomorrow.
  • Please continue to work with your facing CEM Coaches and CES to close strong in this final week. Click HERE for the list of all enrolled CEM Stores.

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