September 2018
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Homecoming on a Budget
A successful homecoming doesn’t have to be an expensive one

The beginning of a new school year usually involves fresh school supplies, adjustments to new classes and the accumulation of assignments and tests. But it also means that homecoming season is right around the corner. For many high school students, homecoming is an exciting time of football games, pep rallies and themed dress-up days that all lead up to the annual homecoming dance.

However, preparing for a homecoming dance can oftentimes get pricey. There’s a dress or suit to buy, reservations to make for dinner, transportation to think about and more. Still, that certainly doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank to have a fun time. Here are a few tips on how to have a night to remember without having to spend too much.

Thrifty threads

Figuring out what to wear is probably one of the trickiest homecoming-related decisions to make. If splurging on a dress or suit from a department store that will most likely only be worn once isn’t a priority, then there are plenty of less expensive alternatives. Try asking family, friends or neighbors that wear similar sizes—one of them may have something for you to borrow for the night or buy from them for a cheap price. Or, you can always try to find something truly original and affordable at a local thrift store; you never know what you can find by shifting through those racks. There’s always the option of renting a dress or suit, allowing you to get the attire you need for the night at a more reasonable price.

Get a deal on your meal

You’re definitely not going to want to go to the dance hungry, especially if you plan on partaking in your fair share of dancing. Many peoples’ first instincts when planning a pre-dance dinner is to make reservations at a fancy restaurant in town. However, it might not hurt to get a group together and see if someone’s parents are willing to host a dinner at their home. You can even make a pot-luck of sorts out of it, with everyone bringing a different dish. If you do plan on going to a restaurant, at least seek out some coupons for potential savings, or try to compare prices of the restaurants to get an idea of how much you’re willing to spend.

Extra savings on the extra details

Another way to save big for the big night is by not necessarily going the all-out professional route for all the details. A photographer or driver to and from the dance can easily come in the form of a parent or older sibling. You might even be surprised at how talented some of your friends or family members are at doing hair and makeup, allowing you to save some time and cash from being spent at a pricey salon.

No matter how you choose to spend your homecoming (or how much you choose to spend on it, for that matter), the amount of fun you have and the memories you make are totally up to you.

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